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Aqua Lung America TECHNICAL BULLETIN SUBJECT: Recall Notice of the Apeks WTX Inflator. PRODUCTS AFFECTED: AIRWAY COMPLETE,APEKS AIRWAY COMPLETE,APEKS (RIGHT SIDE) INFLATOR ASSY,LOWER UNIT BLADDER,WTX3,APEKS BLADDER,WTX4,APEKS BLADDER,WTX6,APEKS BLADDER,WTX8,APEKS BLADDER,WTX6R,REDUNDANT SYSTEM,APEKS Dear Aqua Lung Customer, PROBLEM: Aqua Lung has been made aware of a case of a poorly retained oral inflate button that came off of an Apeks WTX inflator. If the button were to come off, the spring behind the button would also come off thereby removing the tension needed to keep the valve closed. If this were to occur in the water, it could lead to a leak of the BC contents out of the oral mouthpiece. The button is supposed to be adhered with a high-strength thread locker. Our research into the matter indicates that some units may have been improperly adhered by our supplier. Because an inspection of the button is easy to do, Aqua Lung believes that it is prudent to inspect all units in the field. We believe that very few, if any, of the WTX inflators will exhibit this problem. CORRECTIVE ACTION: The detailed inspection procedure as well as the corrective action has been provided to your local Aqua Lung/Apeks dealer. If you have an Apeks WTX inflator that falls into the range listed above, please return your WTX inflator to your local Aqua Lung/Apeks dealer for inspection. AIR CELL with WTX INFLATOR ORAL BUTTON Should you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact our customer service department at: (877) 253-DIVE Aqua Lung America • 2340 Cousteau Court • Vista, CA 92081 • (760) 597-5

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