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Surface Observation Signal (S.O.S.) RECALL - 1 Pages

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Surface Observation Signal (S.O.S.) RECALL

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SUBJECT: Surface Observation Signal (S.O.S.) RECALL Dear Aqua Lung Customer, It has come to our attention that some S.O.S. units (PN 394157 and 394057) sold since Sept 2002 may have a faulty component. The component is known as an “elbow,” and is used to transfer air from the BC to the safety tube. Some elbows have exhibited signs of degradation leading to cracking and/or breakage. If this were to occur, air may not successfully transfer from the BC to the safety tube, thus preventing the tube from inflating. Furthermore, if a diver were inverted, making the attachment point the “high spot,” air could also escape from the BC. The leak may prevent the BC from “fully inflating.” Although the BC will still hold air when vertical, some air will escape at the bottom and the BC will provide less buoyancy. To date, there have not been any reported accidents or injuries. Aqua Lung would like all owners of S.O.S. units to carefully inspect them. Elbows that have the potential to degrade are easily identified by a molding gate mark located on the outer bend (see photo, right.) If you have a unit with such a gate mark, we ask that you stop using the product. Detach it from the BC and return it to your nearest Aqua Lung Dealer. You may find your nearest Aqua Lung Dealer by using the dealer locator at Your dealer will return it to Aqua Lung who will replace the unit at no charge. Should you have any questions, please call Aqua Lung Customer Service at 877-253-DIVE (3483) or (760) 597-5000 outside the U.S. Aqua Lung America • 2340 Cousteau Court • Vista, CA 92081 (

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