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AQUALUNG 2009 Catalogue - 28 Pages

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AQUALUNG 2009 Catalogue

Catalog excerpts

We dive for the experience. From the planning and anticipation, to setting foot on the boat, to the first breath, to the beauty and discovery of the deep blue. It's an experience we never stop thinking about. It's our passion. It's why we were the first to create diving equipment over sixty years ago. And It's why we continue to be the world's leading designer and manufacturer of dive gear - with unmatched Innovation driven by the passion and love of diving. THE ADVENTURE STARTS WITH AQUA LUNG

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PRODUCT GUIDE PRODUCT GUIDE Our top performer. With simplified adjustments, the Legend regulator series ncorporates a proprietary over-balanced diaphragm first stage design, coupled with a high performance balanced second stage. The over-balanced first stage achieves unprecedented performance by compensating for the denser air at depth. The balanced adjustable second stage reduces breathing resistance to near zero with a lightweight balanced valve seat designed to respond nstantaneously to the slightest Inhalation. The Legend regulator series is the best performing regulator Aqua Lung has...

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PRODUCT GUIDE PRODUCT GUIDE Travel light. Pack performance. The smallest and lightest weight regulator on the market (yoke) for light-weight travel packing regulator's extreme compactness • Balanced first and second stages produce exceptional breathing performance • Compact size also makes the Mlkron Ideal for women and young adults MIKRON OCTOPUS Designed with the photographer In mind, Kronos offers Innovative solutions to common frustrations found with traditional regulators. The asymmetric Slde-X exhaust system gets the bubbles out of your field of view, while fine-tuning Is simplified...

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PRODUCT GUIDE Top-of-the-line and with the latest technology, the Pro QD ¡3™ will change the way you dive forever. Its Innovative design Includes a one-touch lever that helps you simply and safely control your buoyancy. • Upper and lower Flat E-Valves™ keep the BC streamlined while offering effective and responsive air dumping • SureLock™ mechanical weight release system (patented) offers unsurpassed ease of loading, ditching and security of weight pouches down to deflate your always stationary — where your left hand normally rests. BLACK DIAMOND Our technical do-lt-all back Inflation BC Is...

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PRODUCT GUIDE PRODUCT GUIDE Our highly acclaimed best seller. This full featured mid-range BC continues our tradition of quality and Innovation, with an attention to detail that makes It the choice of serious divers. • SureLock™ Integrated weight system • Swivel buckle system for unsurpassed fit • Outer bladder construction of Armorshleld™ Cordura® for ncreased wear and fade resistance Affordable ADV jacket-style BC perfect for the occasional diver. Features like SureLock™, fade resistance and Armorshleld™ Cordura® maintain our high quality standards. • Easy-to-use Integrated Octo-Pocket...

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PRODUCT GUIDE PRODUCT GUIDE in mask design. Its innovative structure allows the lenses to fit seamlessly Into your field of vision, while Its patented cardarne double joint buckles rotate both up-and- down and in-and-out to provide maximum adaptability and comfort. Never before have lenses been so close to the eyes, which not only results In an amazingly wide peripheral view but an extremely low Internal volume. This makes it one of the most popular masks among both scuba and free divers. This 4-wlndow close-to-the-eye frame design produces a mask with a low profile and an excellent view...

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PRODUCT GUIDE EQUIPPED A no thrills mask, but great for snorkeling and scuba. EXPLORE WITH CONFIDENCE • Angled lens and low volume design for • great visibility • Silicone skirt ts a variety of face shapes MYTHOS MASKS/SNORKELS This solid, robust mask was created with technical divers in mind. • Outer frame made of shock absorbent • techno-polymer • Folds down at to t into BC pockets TEKNIKA 3.0 The reference in snorkel design. • Innovative two-valve system • Upper annular valve directs most of the water out before it even reaches the mouthpiece • Patented and replacable Comfo-Bite™ •...

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PRODUCT GUIDE The innovative Slingshot has been engineered for effortless power and speed with unmatched comfort. Mid-Foot Flex Joint Transfers the power from your entire leg to the blade relieving pressure from your Power Bands Releases energy with each stroke, adding power and momentum to your kick with less effort Three-Speed Gear Shift Customizes your speed-to-effort ratio dive conditions

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PRODUCT GUIDE Our classic full foot fin Is excellent for snorkeling and scuba in warm water where booties are not needed. • Combination of polymer plastic for stability and rubber for flexibility • Produces maximum thrust and lateral stability Cost-conscience lightweight full-foot pocket fin that packs a lot of power. Made from thermoplastic material and provides extraordinary elasticity. The adjustable version Is an excellent entry level and all around fin. • Flexible, lightweight blade provides an easy kick with ample power • Anatomically shaped foot pockets enhance comfort and...

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PRODUCT GUIDE PRODUCT GUIDE Our most advanced cold water suit will help you defeat any cold without sacrificing flexibility or comfort. Across-the-chest zipper keeps cold water out. Made entirely from Vent G2 technology allows regulator exhaust to exit while keeping cold water These suits were developed for bodies In motion. With the flexibility and comfort of our 250% 4-way stretch Aqua Flex neoprene, you can be free to move. It's about comfort. It's about stretch. It's about you. • Aqua Flex 7mm, 5mm, 3mm 4-way high stretch neoprene with ultra stretch • New stretchable and segmented...

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PRODUCT GUIDE Aqua Lung's Barrier boot with low profile molded outsole provides excellent protection while maintaining feel. • Flexible rubber laminate guards against abrasion from foot pockets and fin straps • Pull-on entry minimizes water exchange for maximum warmth • Thermal FLEX 4-way stretch neoprene allows easy entry and improves comfort • Packaged In drawstring mesh bag Thermal FLEX 4-way stretch neoprene panels provide exceptional comfort and warmth. • Bell cut wrist opening allows accommodates wetsuit cuffs • Silicone tactiles on the palm provide excellent grip when wet This...

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