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ABS Octopus

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PRODUCT NOTICE ABS Octopus Exhaust Grid Replacement If you own this model of regulator, please read on. If you no longer own or have never owned this model of regulator, please disregard this notice. Background Aqua Lung has determined that it is possible, under certain circumstances, for one or both of the exhaust valves on the ABS Octopus to become inverted. Inverted means that the edge of the exhaust valve can get lodged between two of the spokes of the seating surface. This could happen during the after-dive rinsing process if the valves are hit with a stream of high-pressure water from a garden hose or if the valves hit the water just right during an entry. The result of having one or both valves inverted is the inability to completely seal out water. This could lead to an aspiration of water, which in turn could lead to panic, injury or death. The valves will not invert during the course of a dive. To protect the valve from inverting, Aqua Lung has redesigned the exhaust grid that covers the exhaust valves (see picture below). Aqua Lung is requesting that all ABS Octopus regulators be brought into your local authorized Aqua Lung Dealer. The dealer will change out the exhaust grid at no charge. The replacement procedure is quick and in most cases can be done while you wait. The procedure is non-invasive and will not alter the performance or the adjustments of the regulator in any way. Aqua Lung apologizes for any inconvenience that this may cause you. Your safety is our top priority. Thank you for your understanding and thank you for choosing Aqua Lung. Aqua Lung America, 2340 Cousteau Court, Vista, CA 92081 (760)597-5000

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