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10/2012 Photos Fountaine Pajot - Comapêche -Exmar - Global - Ifremer - Franco Pace - Bernard Biger - Alain Monot - Pascal Fournier Fresh water, everywhere

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It has been almost 30 years since we built our first Reverse Osmosis watermaker. Since then, SLCE has developed and sold a complete range of equipment, meeting every need for the transformation of saline water into potable, drinking quality water. Our machines treat sea water, well water and water from municipal supply networks, and have capacities from several hundred litres per day to over 1,500 m3 per day. More than 5,000 plants are in operation worldwide, producing about 100,000 m3 of fresh water every day. Based on the outskirts of Lorient in Brittany, on the Atlantic coast of Western...

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As a result of our excellent Quality Management System, SLCE is ISO 9001 certified. SLCE has also been qualified as a NATO supplier, under registration N° F9758, for more than 20 years now. In addition, many standard ranges of SLCE watermakers are “Type Approved” by the BV classification society. A policy of continuous improvement of its products means that SLCE meets its client’s requirements, whatever their trade, whatever their problems might be or wherever they

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Our team of engineers and technicians use highly developed computer equipment to manage production from the design stage to the dispatch of the product: • Simulation programs and performance calculations • 3D CAD stations for the design office • Computer-aided management network, which ensures product follow-up and development, traceability, order management and fulfilment. Our light-filled and spacious workshops are equipped with all the basic and specialised tools required, together with good storage facilities. Lifting and handling equipment enables methodical and meticulous...

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Each machine, from the smallest to the largest, is tested before packing. A test bench is used for: • Carrying out tests on raw water similar to that treated when the machine is in operation • Carrying out rigorous testing on unit operation, electricity consumption, recovery level parameters, and the machine’s performance in terms of quantity and quality of produced water • Checking operating cycles and safety testing. Every day, equipment and spares are shipped and delivered, worldwide. Each unit is packed in maritime “ISPM15” cases or in a container, and then dispatched by truck, se

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Technical support personnel provide assistance to customers, regarding installation, operation and maintenance of their plant. The technical support department is also in charge of spare parts supply, managing a permanent stock of several thousand references. Every day, consumables and genuine spare parts are dispatched to the four corners of the world by the fastest and surest means of transport. SLCE aims to supply its customers, not only the best quality and most reliable machines possible, but also the necessary knowledge and documentation to enable its customers to install the machines...

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Through its worldwide network of agents, SLCE also brings local service to its clients. Trained by SLCE, technicians can rapidly answer any questions and supply technical assistance, regarding requirement and choice of equipment, installation, commissioning and maintenance. They also make locally available, consumables and spares.

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A complete range of waterma k • compact units for pleasure boats, yachts, small professional boats… • models available in DC, AC, and multi-voltage • compact or modular configuration • energy recovery available (energy consumption is only 12A at 12VDC to produce 35L/h) >up to 750 tpd per skid • heavy duty units for offshore, Navy vessels, merchant ships, super-yachts and mega-yachts, workboats, on-shore uses • skid mounted plants • available in any three-phase current • energy recovery available, making power consumption less than 3kWh/m3

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a kers for private and commercial uses BRACKISH WATER >up to 1000 tpd per skid • heavy duty units for commercial and indutrial uses • to produce drinking water as well as process water • skid mounted • available in any three-phase current SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS • apart from the standard ranges, SLCE designs and produces plants meeting specific needs • containerised plants • special voltages • multi-purpose units, producing drinking water and technical water, such as laboratory standard water • specific extra equipment, like additional chemical treatment, neutralit filters, chlorination, UV...

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many users in all sectors, worldwide, offshore and inland oil rig - supply - accommodation barge - tug boat - fishing boat - work boat tanker - bulk carrier - container vessel - cruise ship - yacht - super yacht navy ship - fast patrol boat - OPV - frigate - LHD - helicopter carrier - corvette - submarine - aircraft carrier - municipality - island - hotel hospital - life camp - emergency situation - industry…

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affaires maritimes - african cats - aida - alloy yachts - alstom power- bejaia algeria - beijing haishunde - belem - bharati shipyard - bora bora- bourbon brittany ferries - cineaqua paris - club med - cnrs/insu - cochin shipyard dcns - degremont - french customs - dubaï shipbuilding - entrepose - exmar ferrostaal - fong kuo - fountaine pajot - french navy - gambro - global marine goa shipyard - great offshore - guldagil - hapag lloyd - harms offshore - oran hospital - nantes hospitals - ifremer - ile de sein - indian coasts guards keppel shipyard - les abeilles - louis dreyfus - mercator...

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Photos Fountaine Pajot - Comapêche -Exmar - Global - Ifremer - Franco Pace - Bernard Biger - Alain Monot - Pascal Fournier 149 rue Salvador Dali ZA de Kergouaran - Caudan CS 8002 56607 LANESTER Cedex France tel

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