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knots knots m. m. lt./US gals. lt./US gals. maximum speed (at full loaded displacement) cruising speed 3 RANGE (nautical miles) maximum speed cruising speed 12 knots 4 MAIN SIZES Loa = overall length (standard ISO 8666) Lh = Hull length (standard ISO 8666) Lg = waterline length (boat fully laden) Max. beam Depth (boat fully laden) Displacement unladen Displacement laden Max.number of persons on board navigation category CE 2003/44 certification modules 5 TECHNICAL DATA Hull type : 16° of deadrise . Warped hull with spray rails H max= Overall height from keel to hard top H t = Minimum transport height from keel Fuel tanks capacity Water tanks capacity Technical data, performance and range figures, designs and graphic reproductions contained herein have no certification value. They are purely descriptive and refer to standard models. Actual technical or descriptive specifications must be provided solely with regards to the craft being purchased. Therefore, any indications will be binding for the seller only if contained in the sales contract and in the relevant manual

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