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PEM-1000 - 1

Electromagnetic flowmeter type PEM-1000 Ø Nominal size: DN10...1000 / ANSI 0,5...40“ Ø Maximum static pressure 1,6MPa Ø Accuracy: 0,5% or 0,2% Ø Analog outputs: 4...20mA, Ø Communication interface: Modbus RTU / RS 485 Ø Pulse output (uni- or bidirectional) or frequency output Application Electromagnetic flowmeter for bidirectional measurement of liquids with a minimum conductivity of ≥ 5 μS/cm: • Acid, alkalis • Paints • Pastes • Water, wastewater, etc. Measuring principle: Following Faraday's law of magnetic induction, a voltage is induced in a conductor moving through a magnetic field. In the electromagnetic measuring principle, the flowing medium is the moving conductor. The voltage induced is proportional to the flow velocity and is supplied to the amplifier by means of two measuring electrodes. The flow volume is calculated by means of the pipe cross-sectional area.The DC magnetic field is created through a switched direct current of alternating polarity. Measuring system The measuring system consists of a transmitter and a sensor. Two versions are available: • Compact version: Transmitter and sensor form a mechanical unit PEM-1000ALW • Remote version: Sensor is mounted separate from the transmitter PEM-1000NW Flexible and clever assembling system Easy and fast-moving change from compact to remote version Innovative and high-power transmitter for every application Robust and resistant cover of sensor and transmitter Flow value table [m3/h] DN acc. DIN Recommended flow values Factory settings Current output 4...20mA Flow speed Pulse output Volume / pulse

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PEM-1000 - 2

Technical data Specification for PEM-1000 sensor Specification for PEM-1000 control unit ³ 5mS/cm ³ 1010W Electrical conductivity of the medium Input resistance Nominal size DN10¸1000 / ANSI 0,5”…40” Max. static pressure standard: 1,6MPa (2,5MPa, 4MPa on request) Process connection flange DIN, ANSI ±0,5% of reading at 20¸100% Q10m/s special version: ±0,2% of reading at 20¸100% Q10m/s (for reference conditions)* Low flow rejection adjustable, any value Actual flow both directions (l/s,m3/h, m3/s, other) Totalizer 3 counters: total, positive, negative (m3, other) Configuration LCD...

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PEM-1000 - 4

Electrical diagrams Power supply 2-state output 1 Pulse/frequency output Current output 4¸20 mA Communication 2-state input (passive) 2-state output 2 Description (-) 10...36V DC 90...260V AC (+) (on request) reverse polarity protection, galvanic insulation, passive reverse polarity protection, galvanic insulation, passive (+) active (-) (passive on request) RS 485 A RS 485 B RS 485 GND / shield reverse polarity protection, galvanic insulation reverse polarity protection, galvanic insulation, passive Flow Flow Ordering procedure PEM-1000ALW /___-___/___/___/___/___/___ PEM-1000NW...

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