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Model program 2020 - 2

On the hunt for perfection Excellence in construction and design. We’re committed to deliver world-class boating experiences. Because that hunt for perfection makes boats truly interesting. We often say that we don’t compromise on materials or design when it comes to building boats. Quite simply, we never take shortcuts. As far as the hull is concerned, the fastest, most robust hull moulds are devised using flow calculations and other objective instruments. But the feel of a boat is anything but simple mathematics. After all, what is true sailing pleasure? Every boat manufacturer and boat...

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Model program 2020 - 3

A comprehensive range of models. The Baltic Sea is a fantastic place. It goes without saying that you can experience the greatest adventures among its islands, skerries and islets, along with the simplest of times with your family and friends. And in the midst of all this, our job has always been to give you the opportunity to get the most out of every moment. What we want to do is make your everyday trips from place to place a little more memorable. Make your adventures a little more thrilling. A journey driven by revolution and evolution, bold decisions for change and a relentless hunt...

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Model program 2020 - 4

READY FOR ANYTHING. Lasting Quality. Anytec M400, our patented surface finishing system, is applied to all aluminium surfaces above the waterline and reinforces the already excellent properties of the aluminium. This surface finish is bonded to the aluminium by means of a chemNano Passivation ical process during application, dealing with the many free ions in the aluminium that Technology normally form oxides. This results in a shield providing protection against salty water and UV radiation. Dirt and corrosive substances find it difficult to gain a foothold on the surface, thereby...

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Model program 2020 - 5

The Anytec A30 was launched ahead of the 2019 boating season, with twin V8 engines and a centred pilot environment, along with lots of smart functions to make life aboard more enjoyable. Our first cabin boat with outboard engines rapidly became a success and made people want more, paving the way for further cabin boat initiatives of various kinds. Next up was the popular 860 SPD hull, which became a cabin boat in the shape of the 868 CAB. When the Anytec 750 SPD saw the light of day for the first time in 2005, it was our first boat with twin pulpits, the first SPD model. With its assertive...

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Model program 2020 - 6

We’ve been building boats with heart for decades. A new decade is upon us, and we can confirm that we’re still maintaining this very approach. But at the same time, lots of things have changed over the past decade. We’ve worked hard to make sure every boat that leaves our production facility is a little bit better than the previous one. This is why we’ve made major investments in our own factories, implemented quality-enhancing projects and refreshed our model programme over the last decade. All with a view to making your boating more enjoyable. We’re striding into the 2020s with...

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Model program 2020 - 7

Discover. Explore. Experience. VITGRUNDET, SWEDEN Kalle Wahlsten @kallewahlsten Snapshots from the adventures of three Anytec owners, from the archipelago and remote locations. Among salty cliffs and tall mountains, with the sunset on the horizon. ISLE OF JURA, SCOTLAND Emilia Zych SÖDERSKÄR LIGHTHOUSE, FINLAND Max Hartwall @max_hartwall_photography ISFJORDEN, SVALBARD Kenneth Johansen @kenneth_i_arctic Isfjorden

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Model program 2020 - 8

Discover the archipelago your way. For superb experiences in all weathers.

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Model program 2020 - 9

Pure function and efficiency meet soft lines in a concept that’s as elegant as it is powerful. The Anytec A21 offers perfect balance in any situation. The hull cuts beautifully through the water thanks to its soft lines. As a complete concept, this boat delivers performance you’re going to love, with sailing pleasure you can rely on. Aboard this boat, you’ll encounter spacious social areas and smart details. The stern is dominated by a targa mast, a design element with a distinctive style that enhances the presence of the boat’s open spaces. The built-in canopy frame allows you to put up...

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Model program 2020 - 10

of its own. The hull design of the Anytec A23 combines stability with high-class performance in a complete package. Built by hand and fully welded from stem to stern. On the outside, the new design radiates the almost obvious self-confidence that's passed on to all models in the range. Lots of elements have been "borrowed" from our superb Anytec 1221 SPD, too. There is a completely new design element at the stern, where the targa frame has been replaced by a targa mast. The pulpits are positioned slightly further forward in the boat, making the interior airy, with plenty of space for...

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Model program 2020 - 11

modular interior system Two additional spring-loaded seats. A kitchen module and an additional sofa. Two additional sofa modules. Unsurpassed performance in all waters. With the right feel in every situation. Fun sailing through the waves, or relaxing times with family and friends. The Anytec A27 always feels just right. A customised A27. The photo shows an Anytec A27 fitted with an extended aft sofa and an additional seat. The modular interior system gives you the opportunity to customise the area between the aft sofa and the front seats. All kinds of options are available, and you can...

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Model program 2020 - 12

Design, performance, comfort. Designed on the basis of the sturdy, popular hull from the Anytec A27 but fitted with a stylish and spacious cabin, you can travel quickly through all waters with the Anytec A27C. length .^widht max engine qutf

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Model program 2020 - 13

Throughout the four distinct seasons, the challenges at sea are as distinctive as they are varied. The Anytec A27C is a boat that delivers everywhere, all year round. Travel at speed through the archipelago without compromising on safety or comfort. You can remain secure in the knowledge that the A27C will give you the freedom to sail wherever you please even when the weather turns, when the wind is howling and the waves are mountainous. The design is self-assured, with assertive and robust lines. Once you’re aboard, you can enjoy a spacious yet cosy cabin. The modular interior system...

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