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Catalog 2019 - 2

A30 THE MOST ACCOMPLISHED NEW PRODUCT OF THE YEAR HUMAN-CENTERED DESIGN ANYTEC MOMENTS This year’s catalogue provides a little more information on how we develop Anytec boats, from drawing board to the finished boat out on the water. And of course, we’re particularly proud to present three completely new models – Anytec A30, Anytec A27C and Anytec A21.

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Catalog 2019 - 3

EVOLUTION The year is 2019. We’re proud of our past, lives in the present, look to the future with anticipation. We’ve spent more than 30 years striving to supply world-class experiences and build boats that can cope with anything the archipelago has to throw at them. We keep our eyes and our minds open and work constantly with new methods, innovations and opportunities so that we always stay one step ahead, push the boundaries and develop our boats still further. So in other words this year’s model range has lots of new features to offer, but otherwise everything is exactly as it ought to...

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Catalog 2019 - 4

A BOAT BUILT FOR GENERATIONS MATERIAL Aluminium. A perfect material in many respects. It’s light and dense. Strong and robust. Mouldable. Making boats from aluminium allows us to combine low weight with high rigidity. This also allows us to use pipes, rails and other structural elements of larger dimensions while maintaining a low weight. But not all aluminium is made equal. A special alloy is used in our boats that gives us maximum strength and outstanding characteristics in marine environments. Its unique composition makes it particularly well suited to structures subjected All our boats...

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Catalog 2019 - 5

DESIGNED FOR YOU. BUILT FOR LIFE. DESIGN A boat is only as strong as its weakest link. This link can often be found in the ways in which the various parts are joined together. Bolts and rivets are subject to massive stresses in rough seas. The risk of parts eventually failing increases year on year. That’s why we weld everything. Not just the structural elements of the boat, but the details in the boat as well – all with a view to creating a robust product. Experienced craftsmen carry out welding by hand. Each individual weld seam is then inspected down to the tiniest detail. This is how we...

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Catalog 2019 - 6

SURFACE TREATMENT Aluminium is a material that’s durable, almost maintenance-free and recyclable. We can reinforce these already fantastic qualities by adding the right surface treatment. Our patented, environment-neutral surface treatment system Anytec M400 is used on all our boats and is applied at our own production facility by trained, accredited personnel. M400 is bonded to the boat’s aluminium by means of a chemical process. The surface treatment deals with the many free ions in the aluminium Nano Passivation Technology which normally form oxides. In this way, it postpones the...

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Catalog 2019 - 7

DISCOVER. EXPLORE. EXPERIENCE. SCOTLAND 27 OCTOBER 10:15 LOCH EIL, SCOTLAND. At the foot of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Great Britain. Photographer: Emilia Zych ANYTEC MOMENTS An insight into three Anytec owners’ adventures and experiences with their boats when they explore the archipelago and remote places on their own terms. In chilly waters, near high mountains and on hot days.

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Catalog 2019 - 8

Sweden 31 MARCH 10:15 STOCKHOLMS SKÄRGÅRD, STOCKHOLM. DRIVE ANYTEC. WEAR ANYTEC. Complete freedom, no matter what the season or weather. Sweden 6 SEPTEMBER 17:30 NÄSSLINGEN, STOCKHOLM. A perfect day in the archipelago, sunshine and a light wind. Photographer: Urban Andersson Eric Asmussen Photographer: Mathias Burestam för Xtravel Our new webshop sells accessories to enhance your boating still further. Purchase clothing and products that are ideal for adventures and relaxation on the sea. You’ll find our shop at

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Catalog 2019 - 9

DESIGN. INNOVATION. VRIPACK. An early prototype of the Anytec A30 We’re proud to present our collaboration with Dutch design agency Vripack. Vripack, famous for their unique expertise in the fields of marine architecture, engineering art and design. The human-centred design concept means they design more than just boats. They design experiences. Virtual Reality makes it possible to see the new boat model even before it’s built. Explore how the boat’s lines and areas are structured, see how much visibility you have from all angles, and check out the furnishings. Only when all aspects are in...

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Catalog 2019 - 10

Using innovative technology, Virtual Reality, is also the best way to design innovative driving experiences. Vripack is at the cutting edge when it comes to using this technology, since its a method that is still People value intelligent ergonomics and versatility in everything they own – not least when they invest in a boat. If the experience on board the boat fails to meet expectations, all design work is for nothing. That’s why we always put people first and design our boats around people, and not the other way round. This is particularly evident aboard the Anytec A30, with the central...

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Catalog 2019 - 11

GUARANTEED SAILING PLEASURE The secret to the 530 series' self-assured attitude lies beneath the surface and is embedded in the boat's fully welded structure, built by hand. All our boat models are built in a way normally reserved for their considerably larger cousins, with longitudinal profiles and transverse frames. Guaranteed strength in all waters. A VERSATILE MODEL Almost six metres long and with up to 115 horsepower at the stern, the 530 series is big and powerful enough to deliver in all environments and situations. There's plenty of space aboard, offering excellent comfort and a...

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Catalog 2019 - 12

INSPIRING FREEDOM Pure function and efficiency meet new forms in a concept that is as powerful as it is elegant. Innovative VR technology has laid the foundation for the Anytec A21, which embarks upon all situations with perfect balance. The hull cuts beautifully through the water and handles well thanks to its robust hull shape. As a complete concept, this boat delivers performance you're going to love, with sailing pleasure you can always rely on. POWERFUL PRESENCE, ELEGANT IMAGE Aboard this boat, you'll encounter spacious social areas and smart details. The stern is dominated by a targa...

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