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TRADITION INNOVATION CRAFTSMANSHIP FACTS & EQUIPMENT Production Add Cream Print Ljungbergs Tryckeri Anytec Boats reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to correct printing errors. The photos in this brochure sometimes show accessories that are not Pcsandard Pcsandard equipment. The content of this brochure is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. © Anytec Sweden AB

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TRADITION I N N O V AT I O N CRAFTSMANSHIP Our coasts combine the most diverse lifestyles. This is where we seek adventures among churning waves and find relaxing moments on saltstained cliffs. This is where you come when you come home. or more than thirty years we’ve built boats that challenge that conquer our diverse seas and surpass your expectations.The unity of design, performance and construction has always been at the forefront of our philosophy. Nothing is left to chance. By owning our entire manufacturing process we can make sure that every aspect meet our quality goals. No matter...

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Strength By manufacturing our boats in aluminium we are able to combine low weight with incredible stiffness. This means that we’re able to use larger dimensions for our hull structure while keeping the total weight down. Surface treatment Our unique and patented surface treatment M400 is used on all our boats. The treatment strengthens the aluminiums already impressive characteristics, makes the hull incredibly water repellent and gives the boat a fantastic shine. It also prevents oxidation of the hull while providing it with additional protection from the elements.

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Welding We weld the entire hull structure and all detailing by hand. The big advantage this gives us is that the boats can handle long periods of time in rough seas while eliminating the risk of something giving. Construction Our boats skeleton consists of longitudinal and transverse profiles and plating that combine to give the hull tremendous stability and rigidity. This is where we lay the foundation for our boats unparalleled handling.

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New design for all CAB-models All our cabin boats have been updated with a new design. Straighter lines replaces the old sweeping ones. An all-new, beautifully unified feel that takes the design to the next level. New design for all SP-models In preparation for this years boating seasons all our SP-models have been updated. The first you’ll notice is the new console which has been improved in both looks and function, the front deck seating has also been much improved with several different sofa configurations. The Anytec 6 - series and 7 - series can also be equipped with a sun deck.

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The single most important component in our boats is you - the driver. For you to feel comfortable working together with the boat, especially at high speeds, we’ve added a number of new seating alternatives for this years boating season. W ULLMAN DAYTONA Seats from renowned Ullman can now available as an option for the Anytec 6-series and up.The seats ensure that your seating posture is optimal throughout the journey by combining enormous strength with fantastic shock mitigation at high speeds or in extreme seas.Twin progressive dampers with adjustable compression and 150 mm of travel, 4 or...

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REVOLUTION/ EVOLUTION The new Anytec 868 CAB stands in class of its own. The forward-facing targa sets the tone immediately and gives a first taste of an intensive driving experience. With the possibility of mounting twin engines for a total of 600 horsepower the Anytec 868 CAB can reach speeds above 55 knots.

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WEIGHT EXCL. ENGINE 2 385 kg MAX PASSENGERS 8 pcs INTENSIVE DRIVING EXPERIENCE EXAMPLES OF OPTIONS • GoFree Wireless • Broadbandradar 4G, incl interface • Windlass Engbo midi 201 • Bow thruster R60 • Joystick steering • Bed kit The largest difference between the production and prototype 868 CAB is found on the boats sides. Straighter and more beautiful lines built along a new air intake. A new chock absorbing stand is included as standard along with automatic

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A SENSE OF FREEDOM When you want to travel at speed and in style no matter the season. The clean driving environment puts you in focus, with large windows and good visibility in all directions.

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WEIGHT EXCL. ENGINE 1 370 kg MAX PASSENGERS 8 pcs EXAMPLES OF OPTIONS • Broadbandradar 4G, incl interface • SonicHub incl Bluetooth This years Anytec 747 CAB comes equipped with a new chock absorbing stand is included as standard along with automatic as standard. Take a test drive and experience the difference! The boat has also been equipped with automatic trim tabs. • Bow thruster R 40 • Heater, 2 kw • X-craft chock absorbing stand

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IMPRESSIVE PERFORMANCE REFINED LINES A combination of raw performance and agility that otherwise cant be found on the market today. Twin engines gives the boat a top speed of over 60 knots, but you decide how dramatic your journeys should be. At lower speeds the counter-rotating propellers ensure an incredibly comfor table, stable and nearly silent ride across the waves.

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WEIGHT EXCL. ENGINE 1800 kg MAX PASSENGERS 10 pcs EXTREME AUTHORITY • GoFree Wireless • Broadbandradar 4G, incl interface • Windlass Engbo midi 201 • Bow thruster R 60 • Table, incl sunbed cover • Joystick steering This years Anytec 860 SPD has been equipped with a new chock absorbing stand as standard. Take a test drive and experience the difference. The boat has also been equipped with

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UNMATCHED PRECISION The Anytec 750-series has plenty of room for the type of driving experience that’s hard to find elsewhere - and you’ll get plenty of it. 350 horse power, a proven hull and world-class technical functions come together to create a completely unique experience. The hull is the sharpest in the entire model programme which means that the boats

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WEIGHT EXCL. ENGINE 1120 kg MAX PASSENGERS 8 pcs WEIGHT EXCL. ENGINE 1030 kg MAX PASSENGERS 8 pcs • Broadbandradar 4G, incl interface • SonicHub incl Bluetooth • Windlass Engbo midi 201 • Power lift • Table, incl sunbed cover • X-craft chock absorbing stand • Ullman seat The 750-series has been equipped with a completely new chock absorbing stand as standard along with a new rear sofa in the 750 SPD. Take a test drive and experience the difference! The series has also been equipped with automatic trim tabs and the Anytec 750 SP has been updated with a new design.

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