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BOAT BUILT FOR GENERATIONS ANYTEC MOMENTS Making choices is a major part of our lives. Choosing some things, not choosing others. Bringing in or rejecting. As far as we’re concerned, making our design choices ahead of the 2018 boating season has been all about giving you new ways to relax, embark upon adventures and enjoy your boating.

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HERE AND NOW Making choices is a major part of our lives. Choosing some things, not choosing others. Bringing in or rejecting. As far as we’re concerned, making our design choices ahead of the 2018 boating season has been all about giving you new ways to relax, embark upon adventures and enjoy your boating. We’re also very proud to present two completely new boats in our range: Anytec A27 and A23. These are two models with a no-compromise attitude towards materials and design. This attitude is very apparent all the way along the line, from the drawing board, through our production process...

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A BOAT BUILT FOR GENERATIONS CHEMICAL NAME CORROSION RESISTANCE Quality. A word with as many interpretations as there are variants. As far as we’re concerned, quality is all about building boats that provide memorable moments. Boats that help you to relax, take you on adventures and allow you to spend time with friends and family. Year after year. No disappointments, no demands. To help us, we have a number of characteristics that set the tone for our entire model range. Here are just a few of them. MATERIAL Aluminium. A perfect material in many respects. It’s light and dense. Strong and...

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DESIGNED FOR YOU. DESIGNED FOR LIFE. DESIGN Bolts and rivets are subject to massive stresses in rough seas. The risk of parts eventually failing increases year on year. That’s why we weld everything. Not just the structural elements of the boat, but the details in the boat as well – all with a view to creating a robust product. Experienced tradesmen do all the welding themselves, with no welding robots or any other automation. Each individual weld seam is then inspected down to the tiniest detail. This is how we make sure our boats are of outstanding quality from stem to stern. Anytec boats...

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SURFACE TREATMENT Aluminium is a material that's durable, almost maintenance-free and recyclable. We can reinforce these already fantastic qualities by adding the right surface treatment. Our patented, environment-neutral surface treatment system Anytec M400 is used on all our boats and is applied at our own production facility by trained, accredited personnel. This surface treatment is applied to all aluminium surfaces above the waterline and bonded to the aluminium by means of a chemical process. The treatment deals with the many free ions in the aluminium that normally form oxides,...

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21 AUGUST 20:10 LÖKSKÄR, HUVUDSKÄR. The Stockholm archipelago in the summer twilight. ANYTEC 622SPD Photographer: Peter Gullberg DISCOVER. EXPLORE. EXPERIENCE. ANYTEC MOMENTS Here are just a few moments from our customers’ adventures on their boats. Starting with the Nordic region.

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NAVIGATION TO LEAD YOU ALONG THE RIGHT LINES NORWAY 4 JULY 02:30 ERSFJORDEN, TROMSØ. Fishing for halibut under the midnight sun. ANYTEC 622SPD Photographer:Morgan Isaksen World-leading Simrad navigation systems can help you to navigate to adventure and relaxation – without having to lose sight of the journey along the way. Enjoy fast, safe navigation with a high-performance NSS series multi-touch plotter that’s easy to use. You’ll have a crystal-clear view of your surroundings and boats nearby when using this plotter in combination with Broadband A fine swell on the day of a calm autumn...

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GUARANTEED SAILING PLEASURE The secret to the 530 series’ self-assured attitude lies beneath the surface and is embedded in the boat’s fully welded structure, built by hand. All our boat models are built in a way normally reserved for their considerably larger cousins, with longitudinal profiles and transverse frames. Guaranteed strength in all waters. A VERSATILE MODEL Almost six metres long and with up to 115 horsepower at the stern, the 530 series is big and powerful enough to deliver in all environments and situations. There’s plenty of space aboard, offering excellent comfort and a...

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VERSATILE SAILING PLEASURE The 622 series combines strength, stability and elegance in a versatile format. When you need a versatile boat that performs no matter what, you can trust the 622 series to deliver security and thrilling sailing pleasure in waters. SELF-ASSURED IN ALL SITUATIONS Big enough for adventures for all the family. Powerful enough for memorable trips with your friends. Built always to perform beyond expectations - the 622 series is our most versatile boat. LENGTH WIDTH MAX. ENGINE POWER

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747CAB COMPLETE FREEDOM IN ALL WEATHERS The Anytec 747 CAB radiates balance from all angles. Performance, design and function. So that you can explore the archipelago on your own terms. Stylishly designed with generous windows and visibility in all directions, and with superb soundproofing in the robust hull. A CLASSY CABIN CRUISER For when you want to enjoy both performance and comfort. The cockpit comes equipped with our proprietary performance pedestal as standard, with dampers from renowned company Ohlins Racing. Passengers can enjoy the comfort of the boat's sofas. LENGTH...

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IMPRESSIVE PERFORMANCE The 860 SPD, almost nine metres long and with enormous power reserves, is on hand to surpass all expectations. With performance to satisfy even the most discerning of sailors -available with no less than 800 horsepower and capable of reaching speeds in excess of 60 knots. A BOAT THAT TAKES YOU FURTHER The Anytec 860 SPD is a pleasure to both sail and sail aboard -and not just at high speeds. Travel comfortably over the water at lower speeds thanks to the counterrotating propellers. LENGTH WIDTH MAX. ENGINE POWER

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BEYOND EXPECTATIONS The Anytec 868 CAB is designed to face extraordinary challenges. When the weather turns, when the wind lashes and the waves are mountainous – that’s when the 868 CAB offers a sailing experience beyond all your expectations. With a twin-engine option and up to 800 horsepower, the 868 CAB sets the tone even while you’re still docked. A boat that’s perfectly capable of being used. A boat you can rely on. FREEDOM NO MATTER WHAT THE WEATHER Almost 9 metres long and equipped with a spacious cabin, the 868 CAB offers open spaces and stable transport in the archipelago. With...

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