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The World's Best in Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Winches

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Design with a Vision ANDERSEN Winches © are all about Design and Engineering. We believe in setting standards, as this is the only way we can ensure a lifetime of safe sailing for our customers and a future at sea for our products. To achieve this, we employ state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, and our staff is dedicated to continuous development. We remain at the cutting edge of development by working closely with yachtsmen and sailing professionals. After half a century of designing and manufacturing ANDERSEN Winches © — and with most of these still on the job — we feel we’ve earned...

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Power Rib© Self - Tailing Winches Power Packs Worldwide Distributor For latest Catalogue-update; Please see The ANDERSEN Factory in Vejle, Denmark is equipped with the latest tooling and manufacturing technology. Our highly trained staff operates CNC-controlled machinery, and our engineers and designers use tomorrow’s technologies to develop our future products. Yet, all of this is based on a firm foundation of unparalleled craftsmanship, ingenuity and tradition. ANDERSEN Winches© reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice. ANDERSEN Winches...

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Major Effect with Minor Effort Get a Grip ANDERSEN Winches© feature the Power Rib©. Unlike other winches with abrasive drum surfaces, ANDERSEN winch drums have vertical ribs running up the surface. This combined with the smooth polished stainless steel gives a maximum grip and minimum wear on ropes, reducing the replacements costs of sheets and halyards. What’s more, the Power Rib© principle simply makes sailing more pleasurable. Fewer turns on the winch make tacking easier. Sheets can be gently eased out without harsh snatching and the risks of overrides and jammed sheets are significantly...

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Self-Tailing Experience Empowerment The ANDERSEN name is synonymous with precision, reliability and the ability to adapt to any situation. For our customers, this adds up to pure empowerment, allowing you to manage your sails and your boat with the utmost efficiency. Self-tailing winches with the ANDERSEN name are supremely trustworthy, allowing you to focus on sailing. All ANDERSEN Winches© feature stainless steel Power Rib© drums that ensure a smooth surface and a corrosion-free winch that is built to last. ANDERSEN Self-Tailing Winches© extend the service life of your sheets and halyards...

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Full Stainless Self-Tailing Winches Full Stainless – Beyond Good Looks We have developed an entirely stainless winch. This is a prerequisite for the yachtsman who places honor in making his yachtlook its best. ANDERSEN Full Stainless© is beauty at work, enhancing the unique image of your boat and the sheer pleasure of beholding it. A synthetic cap and base are replaced with stainless steel parts, transforming the winch into an aesthetic statement. Enigma 34 one design page 08

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Uncompromising quality is our mission, and quality is a key word throughout our organization and in all our products, services and innovations. Quality can be defined technically — but it can also be defined by the values and preferences of our customers. To us, quality is the sum total of design excellence, technical specifica- tions and a lifetime of experience, topped with extensive quality Standard Self-Tailing Winches Winch Drum Base Height Line Entry Line Size Weight Gear Gear Power Power Art No. Model "D" "B" "H" "L" Ratio Ratio Ratio Ratio Standard [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [mm] [kg] is<...

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Managing your boat is a demanding task — sails represent a challenge. The challenge of managing them correctly, managing them yourself, and doing so in time basically amounts to managing the powers of nature. So why not empower yourself with this ability? ANDERSEN Electric Winches © are the right tools for the job. Representing a combination of safe sailing and convenient push-button technology, these winches are also designed to allow easy assembly and dismantling for service and maintenance. In addition, the motor is protected from overload by an amperage sensor installed to cut off power...

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Compact Electric Variable Speed Winches – Above Deck Winch Model Line size Compact Electric Variable Speed Winches – Below Deck Winch Model Line size Note! Larger “K” measurements are available as an option

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Size Does Matter Experience Empowerment Choosing the right equipment is an important job. It requires more than just adding a motor. Careful consideration should be given to all factors that have an impact on your sailing experience: boat size, sailing conditions, crew and convenience. Often, the choice is more complex than just the size of the motor. The source of power is also important. Hydraulic or electric — or manual for starters, and then growing with the challenge — the choice is yours. installation. This motor is highly efficient, with an impressive line speed and first-rate...

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Experience Empowerment Based on our unique Modular Power System ©, ANDERSEN Hydraulic Winches© create a solid foundation for distributing power throughout your boat. Smooth running and reliable performance are not the only advantages provided by ANDERSEN Technology – design and versatility are equally important aspects of our products. Single-speed or 2-speed Hydraulic winches — it is your choice when using an ANDERSEN Winch model 46ST and up. Combining our winches with the Modular Power System and our Power Packs© provides you with all the power you need. We have developed a full set of...

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X-Yachts X-46 2+1 Hydraulic Winches Winch Model Gear type Line size Note! Larger “K” measurements are available as an option 2+2 Hydraulic Winches Winch Model Gear type Line size Note! Larger “K” measurements are available as an option

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