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LED indicator display panels Technical Alarm processing Bus centralization TECHNICAL ALARMS 3, Rue de la Garenne - Z.I. de Vernon 27950 SAINT MARCEL - FRANCE tél. : +33 (0)2 32 51 47 16 Fax : +33 (0)2 32 21 13 73  :

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A.M.I. created in 1976 manufactures indicator panels and alarm annunciators for monitoring and protection over a wide range of equipment fitted in many environments, particularly hostile and hazardous where undetected problems or failures can produce significant risks. The SCADA system, with screen or text, can be over complicated in the event of emergency. A.M.I. has adopted a simple display system, coupled with a powerful information process and eases customer’s programming to suit a site application. The many different features built into A.M.I. products result from our in-house experience...

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INDICATOR OR ALARM TECHNOLOGY : Indicator Panel : Provides basic visual information on a state, position or generic operating function. This mode of indication only informs and does not provide additional functions, other than assisting an operator in the progress of a sequence or process. Examples : - Pump : ON/OFF. - Door : Open/Close. Indicator Panels can function as stand alone mounted with or adjacent to an operation, or grouped to form a central information panel, where a multiplicity of functions can be viewed, even compared. Alarm Annunciators : Provides visual information and...

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Indicators Same functions as à traditional indicator light, but with an integrated test LED and an optional «contact» to send remote information. «Breaker by Breaker» «Phase presence» use - To report 3 or 4 states on the same departure. Example : Run/Stop/Alarm - To display presence of 3 phases on the electric departure. - To replace 3 or 4 indicator lights. - Exists with 2 buttons and remote reporting. To regroup the luminous informations in the same place. Realized by the company «Kautz Starkstrom-Anlagen GmbH» (Germany) Products fitted with a 7-colour LED set selector.

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PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT The following products have been approved Marine «Bureau Veritas» : - Simple indicators signaling : PAN35/PAN45, PAN35VB/PAN45VB and PAN35SH/PAN45SH. - Annunciators / Technical Alarms Panels : J1905S / J3000 / J3500. Recall that the J3000 has obtained this approval for about 10 years. All PAN35/PAN45 ranges are delivered with the new mounting brackets. Mounting and dismounting faster, better positioning of the screw. We continually evolve our products to provide solutions for maximum safety, even in difficult cases. PAN35/PAN45 : Marine approval the old...

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Product range _ _ New models ____ Simple indicator display panels or «INDICATORS» : Simple indicator or «indicators» range : _______________________________________ For use «Breaker by breakers ultra compact DIN 48x48 and 48x96 : PAN35, PAN45, PAN35BV, PAN45BV, PAN35SH, PAN45SH___________________ ALARM annunciators with sequences : Alarm annunciators range : ____________ Wired centralization and centralization by «BUS»: ALARM'BOX, complete wall panel with battery and charger ______________________ PANEL'PC, alarm management system with touch screen, using the RS485 BUS, history file and...

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INDICATORS Range TECHNICHAL ALARMS FOR INDUSTRY, NUCLEAR PLANTS, PETROLEUM, NAVY, TERTIARY SECTOR «REGROUPED» * 2 _ <r/ «BREAKER by BREAKER» «PHASES PRESENCE» Realized by the company «Kautz Starkstrom-Anlagen GmbH» Products fitted with 7 colours selector per LED. 3 OR 4 INPUTS AND «PHASES PRESENCE» WITH 2 CONTROL BUTTONS WITH 2 INTEGRATED SWITCHES OR 2 SWITCHES AND 1 BUTTON OR 2 SWITCHES AND 1 COUPLER 8,12 OR 24 «CONTACT» INPUTS OR «BUS RS485» INPUT In use AC : 50Hz to 60Hz only (can not be used with a frequency variator ex : variable speed drive)

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PAN35, PAN45, BV, SH LEDS INDICATOR DISPLAY PANELS y Each piece is tested one by one INDICATOR DISPLAY PANELS ULTRA COMPACTS WITH LEDS DIN 48X48 DIN 48X96 PAN45SH Possible options : - displaying under voltage presence (induction cables) - lighting up after undervoltage threshold - Contacts for remote information - Pushbuttons to control Possible supply from 8V to 500Vac/dc Realized by the company Kautz Starkstrom-Anlagen GmbH (Germany) Realized by the company Mayfield Industries (Australia)

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Very economical, the new range PAN35/PAN45 is designed for cabinets with many repetitive outputs such as : Extractable cell distribution cabinets, Pump multipleoutputs, Circuit breakers... The PAN35/PAN45 series can be used in the most difficult situations. PAN35 / PAN45 DIN box 48x48mm Luminous Part only 3 or 4 indicators with or without options - displaying undervoltage - undervoltage threshold - output contacts THE DIFFERENT BOXES : Each product includes : - A luminous part fitted with of 3 or 4 indicators. This luminous part may be used alone (48x48 box) or combined with a control part...

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Luminous Part with / without option +/ Choice of Luminous Part BV 3 or 4 indicators with or without options - displaying undervoltage - undervoltage threshold - output contacts Choice of Luminous Part 2 inverter push buttons Choice of Luminous Part 2 inverter push buttons + 1 switch Choice of Luminous Part 2 inverter push buttons + 1 RJ coupler GENERAL FEATURES TO ALL MODELS : The boxes are made of polyamide PA66 30gf loaded to 30% for a high mechanical strength over time. A gasket at the front ensures sealing (IP65). Rear fixing bracket Sealing joint This new bracket allows an easier fitting...

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GENERALITIES : The luminous part can be used with both types of boxes : - DIN 48x48, one luminous part, with 3 or 4 LEDs with «LED test» input, with the optional output contacts. - DIN 48x96, containing the luminous part and an extension with a automatism part such as push-buttons, switches, coupler of connection. It consists of an assembly containing 3 or 4 (10x10mm) LEDs or 4 (5x5mm) LEDs and a large common label with a label holder. LEDs are cms tri-LEDs type. For each input, there is a switch that allows the user to choose a display color from 7 options. This component service life is...

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