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ANNUNCIATORS Range Technical Alarm J3000/J3105 PANEL’PC Bus Alarms Centralization

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Realized by the company «TIME» (France) Realized by the company «Kautz StarkstromAnlagen GmbH» (Germany) 3, Rue de la Garenne - Z.I. de Vernon 27950 SAINT MARCEL - FRANCE tél. : +33 (0)2 32 51 47 16 Fax : +33 (0)2 32 21 13 73  :

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Dual security power supply Positive and negative inputs (Extension of the J1905 with redundant power supply) «General alarm» relay selection Inputs selection «Positive or négative» Fuse Voltage presence LED «LEDs test» button «Reset» button REAR VIEW This panel is designed for installations with «high security». It includes all the capabilities of J1905, added to : - Single or double permanent power supply, with automatic switching from one to the other in case of failure. - Inputs can be activated by a contact connected to the «+» or to «-» (open collector contact or contact connected to...

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A channel can be «positive input» or «negative input». The selection is made with S6 at the back of the panel. Contact direction: the direction of contact (NO / NC) is selected with the S3 switch. Caution : in case of a channel selected by S6 in negative input, the S3 selection becomes reversed. Indicator / Alarm Selection External «LEDs Test» External «Reset» «Synthesis» relay selection «LEDs Test» The microprocessor is provided with a «Watchdog» that disables the «synthesis» relay and «Sound alarm» relay in case of system shut-down or in case of loss of one of the two power supplies. The...

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INPUTS CONNECTIONS : Connection diagram for J1905S with negative inputs Connection diagram for J1905S with positive inputs (contacts connected to the frame) The «Leds Test», «RESET», «Inhibition» Inputs must always be connected to the «+ COM». +/~ Automaton output card +/~ Automaton output card Input by «External Voltage» : Maximum voltage on input: 65 Vac / dc. In other cases, use the diagram «dry contact input.» In case where the input is powered by an external voltage (e.g. open collector controller card) it is necessary to interconnect the «-» of external electronic with the J1905S...

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RESET or Acknowledge button : A «RESET» button is available on the front face. Pressing on RESET stops the audible alarm and make the flashing LED goes fixed in case of permanent fault (if the fault is no longer present the LED will turn off automatically). If a new alarm arrive on another channel it will appear in flashing mode with audible alarm. A rear terminal allow to connect an external button (closing button, it must be connected to the «+ COM» terminal). This button will ensure a RESET on several panels at once. Output Contact «Audible Alarm» (RKL) : 1 (O/C) output with galvanic...

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LED LUMINOSITY ADJUSTMENT : Dimming Rear    Command - LED luminosity can be adjusted using a connected external potentiometer between terminals 1 and 2 of J rear connector by rapid connection. - No potentiometer => maximum luminosity. - With potentiometer 1 to 5 kOhm => adjustments. External Potentiometer External Buzzer OUTPUT FOR EXTERNAL BUZZER : An external buzzer (10mA maximum, Voltage 12Vdc) can be connected to terminal 3 and 4 of J connector respecting polarity «+» on terminal 3. (But it is better to use the contact of RKL relay). POWER SUPPLY / DUAL POWER SUPPLY: Depending on the...

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PRODUCING LABELS : Labels are ordinary paper sheets that can be slid into a transparent pocket included in the thickness of the front face. A blank label is supplied with each unit. Labels can be handmade, or draw the screen of the PC and produced on a colour printer (laser or ink-jet). The PC software allows to create labels including images, allows to save and duplicate the achievements. This PC software is FREE. It is possible to load it on our website : For high humidity countries, the printing on plastic sheets is recommended. SETTINGS : Potentiometers Time delay...

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MAIN CHARACTERISTICS example : J1905S-02-05, J1905S, powered by : - Normal Power supply : 15-65Vac/dc - Emergency power supply : 80-265Vac/dc. With integrated buzzer, synthesis relay and Audible Alarm relay.

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ADDITIONAL PRODUCTS : M0810 Front plate 19-inch, brushed aluminium Ht : 3U Front for bay 4 pre-drilled holes 92x92mm. M0816 Closing cover Closing cover for mounting on M0810 front plate. M0722, IP54 sealed front «Quarter-turn» closing button DIN format 96x96. IP54 sealed front that is fitted directly to product front. An O-ring provides sealing between steel cabinet and panel. The front is a transparent openning door. M0731 Adapter to mount on DIN Rail profil TS35. 96x96 format. This kit allows to mount panels with 96x96 format on a DIN rail TS35 retaining the display towards the operator....

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J1905S-0x-0xS-00 WALL CABINET ALARM / 2 ^ <2? With single or redundant power supply Allows a wall display of all information with and without memory and reset, with or without audible alarm. With J1905S This economic wall-mounted cabinet displays states and alarms of a installation. It's equipped with the J1905S (redundant power supply). The J1905S also allows to receive the input contacts with a positive voltage or negative voltage (open collector). It includes : - A buzzer is mounted on the bottom outside the cabinet in order to increase its effectiveness. - A...

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ORDER REFERENCE : ac/dc    ac/dc    ac/dc ac/dc    ac/dc |    | : supply with galvanic insulation example : For J1905S : J1905S-02-05S-00, J1905S, powered by : - Normal Power supply : 15-65Vac/dc - Emergency power supply : 80-265Vac/dc. With integrated buzzer, synthesis relay and Audible Alarm relay.

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