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ALLURES 39.9 A “NO-LIMIT” YACHT NO-LIMIT DESIRES ENVIES THE + DU 39.9 LES PLUSSES MANOEUVRE MANŒUVRE DECK DE PONT PLAN LAYOUT PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE ARCHITECTURE HARMONY HARMONIE LIVING SPACE ESPACE DE VIE VERSIONS The Allures 39.9 is a lifting keel yacht with aluminium hull and composite superstructure. Created from very strict specications and prepared on the basis of feedback from numerous circumnavigators, this vessel brings together all the characteristics of a genuine blue-water yacht. FUNCTIONS FONCTIONNALITÉ SPECIFICATIONS SPÉCIFICATIONS SERVICES ENGAGEMENT The Berret-Racoupeau...

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The desire for open spaces, fresh air, a boat that works and works well, new horizons, to drop anchor in a deserted cove, to beach on a foreign shore, to spend time with family and friends in a novel way, comfort, increased safety, liberty... Aluminium hull, ease of manoeuvring, performance, twin helms, visibility from the saloon, lifting keel, faired superstructure, large storage spaces, tech- nical room, separate shower, dual chart table, deck lockers, saloon with ocean view... DECK LAYOUT LIVING SPACE

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Safety first. Always. Large storage volumes The dual chart table Well thought out deck lockers DECK LAYOUT LIVING SPACE A. SAFETY FIRST. ALWAYS. Highly shock and splitting resistant, while being light, aluminium is the optimum material for ocean- going boats. Above all, the Allures 39.9 is a reas- suring yacht. B. THE DUAL CHART TABLE A space for warmth and friendliness, the two facing benches offer a new living space on the ocean or at anchor. All of the electronic equipment necessary for navigation is installed around the chart table within easy reach of the navigator. C. LARGE STORAGE...

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ALLURES 39.9 EASY TO MANOEUVRE, EVEN BY A SMALL CREW NO-LIMIT DESIRES ENVIES THE PLUSSES LES + DU 39.9 MANOEUVRE MANŒUVRE DECK LAYOUT PLAN DE PONT PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE ARCHITECTURE HARMONY HARMONIE LIVING SPACE ESPACE DE VIE VERSIONS A guarantee of safety, all manoeuvres are controlled from the cockpit. Spacious and deep, the cockpit offers optimum ergonomics both at rest and during manoeuvres. Thus, the placement of the winches allows ideal positioning regardless of the speed or the sea conditions. FUNCTIONS FONCTIONNALITÉ SPECIFICATIONS SPÉCIFICATIONS SERVICES ENGAGEMENT Sailing upwind...

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ALLURES AN EFFICIENT DECK LAYOUT 39.9 NO-LIMIT DESIRES ENVIES THE + DU 39.9 LES PLUSSES MANOEUVRE MANŒUVRE DECK DE PONT PLAN LAYOUT A Wide and well-protected cockpit PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE B Double steering wheel for better visibility ARCHITECTURE HARMONY HARMONIE C Winches easily accessible from the helm LIVING SPACE ESPACE DE VIE E Large windows for better visibility VERSIONS A. COCKPIT The wide and well protected cockpit ensures the uidity of navigational manoeuvres and comfort for the crew while the yacht is at anchor. B. DOUBLE STEERING WHEEL FUNCTIONS FONCTIONNALITÉ SPECIFICATIONS...

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DECK LAYOUT LIVING SPACE Wide hull, NACA profile rudder blades (and centreboard available as an option), modern and powerful sail layout. Because, at sea, performance rhymes with safety, Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design has optimised the performance of the new As all navigators know, on the ocean performance isn't just measured in knots. For a blue-water vessel, performance also resides in robustness, load capacity, ease of manoeuvring, ergonomics and the reliability of onboard equipment. At Allures Yachting, these qualities are priorities.

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EXCELLENCE MOTIVATES US ALLURES 39.9 NO-LIMIT DESIRES ENVIES THE + DU 39.9 LES PLUSSES MANOEUVRE MANŒUVRE DECK LAYOUT PLAN DE PONT PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE ARCHITECTURE HARMONY HARMONIE LIVING SPACE ESPACE DE VIE VERSIONS AN ADVENTURE FOR ENTHUSIASTS « Technologies evolve; Allures that improve Yachting is continually looking for technologies the safety, reliability and performance of our yachts. To that end, we particularly rely on the feedback of sailors that voyage on our yachts and with whom we build strong links during the construction of their boat. Gaëtan, Sheet metal work Guillaume et...

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DECK LAYOUT LIVING SPACE ALUMINIUM HULL AND COMPOSITE ^ The choice of composites for the superstructure gives many advantages; less weight up high, more height under the beams, better heat and sound insu- lation, more freedom of design for the architect, gel coat finish more agreeable than aluminium in the living areas. This is why the use of composite superstructures on an aluminium structure is a common and well-proven technique in the construction of large motor and sailing yachts. To transfer this technology to leisure boating, with the support of Oseo, Allures Yachting has performed...

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DECK LAYOUT LIVING SPACE The Allures 39.9 bypasses the compromises between the pleasure of sailing and comfort A centreboard yacht to go further, its centreboard slot is perfectly integrated into the interior layout allowing fluid and agreeable circulation in the Aesthetics are an important part of the voyage, which is why the designers have worked over the harmony of shapes and colours, combining style and efficiency. The design is innovative with natural and contemporary materials. The inside space is used in an optimum manner to make life aboard practical and your voyage even more...

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DECK LAYOUT LIVING SPACE LIVING SPACE When descending into an Allures 39.9, a feeling of space predominates. The height under the beams (2m) offers an exceptional habitable volume. Comfortable and well-lit, the saloon and cabins of the Allures 39.9 are designed to offer a pleasant and friendly living space while being functional at sea. The galley, with its refrigerator with drawers and its generous work top, is perfectly suited to practical use while navigating. Numerous cupboards facilitate food storage for longer cruises. For the descent to the front cabin, the numerous handrails...

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Owner's Version DECK LAYOUT LIVING SPACE OWNER'S VERSION Go as a couple, for several months, several years. This version is for blue-water sailors. The large star- board technical room allows storage of all the equipment necessary for "no limits" navigation. The rear cabin can be used for family and friends for a CRUISING VERSION Perfect for voyaging as a couple, with family or with friends, this configuration can sleep 6 people aboard (7 with the convertible saloon). The bath- room in the owner's cabin offers much-appreciated privacy on long cruises. The Allures 39.9 adapts to suit all...

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