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introduction 1 who we are what we do who we serve shoxs shoxs military + pro 12 bucket seats 14 2000 16 4600 18 4800 20 6100 22 6300 24 We’re here to give you more days on the water. From the very beginning, Allsalt Maritime has offered a distinctive line of technology that allows men and women to operate more safely in the marine environment. Every product we make is intended to support a smoother, safer ride in rough seas. Our commitment to research and development using realworld problem solving inspires our work in every realm of maritime shock mitigation. As we help to pioneer new...

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WHO WE ARE ray cao president and chief executive officer bryan wood vice president business development tony van meter vice president sales dan charboneau vice president engineering andrew hughes managing director UK Proud to be one of the largest employers of engineering and technology in Victoria, Ray is committed to leading the Allsalt Maritime team into an era of remarkable growth and evolution. Bryan oversees the development and execution of major federal boat programs. Prior to Allsalt, Bryan spent time in the US Navy and leading business development at commercial boat builders. Tony...

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ALLSALT MARITIME OFFICE AUTHORIZED DEALER GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE. LOCAL ADVANTAGE. It’s our mission to help maritime agencies and boaters Allsalt Maritime is headquartered in British Columbia, around the world access professional impact mitigation Canada with regional offices in the US and the UK and products and services. We operate with a global supported by a network of dealers around the world. mindset, but act on a local level to ensure our clients It’s our way of ensuring that we can respond quickly to enjoy the highest quality products and timely service. clients’ needs, anytime,...

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We are committed to reducing the transmission of shock and vibration to vessel occupants through product design excellence and a deep understanding of physical principles. We use a futuristic approach with the highest level of talent in math, engineering and craftsmanship to lead research and development in marinized impact mitigation technology. We actively participate in the development of local and global government standards for measuring shock mitigation seat performance because we believe a scientific approach to impact evaluation will lead to technical innovations and a safer work...

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WHAT WE DO a design, manufacturing and research and development firm specializing in marine shock mitigation technology devoted to pushing the boundaries of innovation in human safety on the water through the development of products and services that monitor, track and mitigate impact and vibration. shoxs seats feature a patented and revolutionary impact mitigation design using marinized air shock technology to reduce harmful physical impact and vibration on the boater when traveling through rough waters. kinetix is an advanced shock monitoring system that records impact exposure. A...

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WHO WE SERVE MILITARY/PROFESSIONAL (MIL/PRO) We serve the ones who will weather any storm. The trained professionals who stand ready at any hour to answer the call and who will leave the dock when others won’t. The ones that understand merely arriving on scene isn’t enough, they have to be fit to perform when they get there. We serve the lifesavers, the enforcers, the guardians and the protectors who operate in the most demanding conditions and rely on equipment that delivers them to the mission and gets them safely home every time. RECREATIONAL (REC) We serve those who are in it for the...

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OUR SEATS When it comes to high speed craft in rough water, whether racing to a high-stakes rescue or headed offshore in pursuit of fish, boaters can agree that pounding through waves can be a bruising experience for your spine. In every sector, boats are traveling faster, and while speed may have its advantages, it also has serious drawbacks that are often overlooked. Over the long term, high speed watercraft can expose boaters to a dangerous accumulation of impacts that can cause chronic pain and debilitating injuries, even at modest speeds. Navies, Coast Guards, and Marine Police Forces...

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MILITARY / PROFESSIONAL MILITARY AND LAW ENFORCEMENT AROUND THE GLOBE We, at Allsalt Maritime, work closely with public and private defense and patrol agencies worldwide to understand their specific needs and requirements. You’ll find us on major small-boat programs in the US Coast Guard, US Navy, US Customs and Border Patrol, UK Ministry of Defence, and the Canadian Special Forces. Our in-house shock and vibration scientists continually advise defense organizations of all sizes on solutions and strategies to limit harmful exposure. Years of collaborative efforts with these elite...

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OVERVIEW: MIL/PRO SERIES Designed for extreme offshore conditions, the Mil/Pro Series generally features longer suspension travel to absorb the most extreme impacts: typically 8 inches (203 mm) and above. Mil/Pro Series seats are highly configurable and customizable to support a wide variety of purpose built watercraft.

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BUILDING YOUR BUCKET SEAT The bucket seat design allows a natural seated posture for static movement as well as dynamic impacts. Bucket seats typically mount horizontally to the deck or vertically on a bulkhead or cabin wall, depending on the vessel’s configuration and available space. Once the mount style is established, select the seat arrangement (low or high ride height), and mechanical functionality (fixed or folding seat base, full body suspension), and accessories. STEP-BY-STEP CONFIGURATION: SEAT TYPE Select from a variety of bucket seats with either a fixed or folding seat base....

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EXAMPLE SELECTIONS seat: 4800 product series: mil/pro seat type: bucket mounting: deck line of sight: high functionality: fore/aft and height adjustable options: arm rests, hand grips color: black upholstery

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standard options seat • fixed seat base 2000 SEAT OVERVIEW A bucket style seat with fixed seat base and 5 inches (127 mm) of suspension travel. Typical applications include helmsman, navigator, crew or passenger seating in an enclosed cabin or open cockpit. line-of-sight • low/seated • height adjustment • fore/aft slider • hand grips • tall back with integrated headrest • wide seat bucket with 2” wider armrests • 2-point harness (lap belt) • storage/chart pocket • cup holder • anodized metal: black • upholstery: black non-standard options • 4-point harness • armrest mounted controls •...

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