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CONTENTS In this catalogue you will find the extensive range of quality performance hardware which is designed and manufactured in Allen Brothers’ factories in Essex, United Kingdom. Merging tradition functionality and protocols which have evolved throughout sailing history, we have created the widest range of hardware available from one source that combine pleasing designs, reliability, efficiency, strength, size and weight with value for money. We work with the world’s leading designers and sailors to produce products with levels of performance, quality and durability that are...

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In-House Resources include: Design & CAD modelling - using advanced Pro-Engineer CAD software our design team can quickly develop new ideas and designs into computer models, which can be structurally assessed with our Ansys computer simulated stress analysis software. Prototype models can be seen within hours using our Dimension 3D part printer. Tool making - finished designs are seamlessly progressed through the tool making stages using the parametric features of Pro-Engineer tool design and CNC machining software. Our toolmakers can produce single or multi-impression tools for injection...

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Maximum Performance to Weight Ratio - Designed to Last. ‘It’s the stainless rails that give All Luke Patience Patented anchor strap design. Patented 3 position swivel lock. Impact resistant carbon polymer. Low friction polymer cage. 316 stainless steel CNC turned rails. Lightweight polymer spacers. Hard wearing low friction polymer sheave. 316 stainless steel ball bearings. steel balls running on stainless steel ten's blocks maximum performance’ 20mm Dynamic Bearing Blocks They may look similar to some of our competitors but take a closer look at the finer details of their design, the...

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A2025-677 30mm Dynamic Bearing Blocks Using the same high quality material and precision engineering as the 20mm dynamic range, and 30mm dynamic bearing blocks offer best in class strength and reliability. Chris Rashley YANMAR Moth World Championship 2016@JUNICHI HIRAI / BULKHEAD magazine JAPAN A2024-677 Triple with inverted cleat A2024F Triple with fork A2025 Triple with becket A2025-677 Triple, inverted cleat & becket A2026-PROFIX Cheek adaptor for A2021 A2027 Triple, cleat & becket A2028HL High load back to back A2121 Through deck single Allenite A2122 Through...

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30mm Dynamic Bearing Blocks A2039-FIDDLE A2131 A2132 A4101 A4801 A4978 How to:- Attach a tie-on block to the boom Recommended maximum rope diameter for blocks:- A2020TII = 1.5mm A2030TII = 2mm A2040TII = 3mm A2050TII = 4mm Double with becket Triple Triple with becket Cheek block Composite cheek Cheek adaptor for A2031 Triple, cleat & becket Back to back High load back to back Traveller Single with fiddle and cleat (kicker) Single with fiddle Though deck single Allenite Through deck double Allenite Upstand block Through deck block Flip flop Shackle head for A2031 Midi flip...

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40mm Dynamic Bearing Blocks Suitable for more demanding applications, the 40mm dynamic bearing block range, together with 40mm cleat and fiddle dynamic bearing blocks are an ideal choice for mainsheet and high load jib systems. Key for load rating tables Stainless steel dynamic inner bearing Cold forged soft radius head A2040SC-677 Anchor formed fixing point reduces rivet size Stainless steel inner bearing Stainless steel ball bearings Winder Boats, Lark A2040B Removable bolt block A2040-4222ASS Single with swivel plate and spring A2040LZ Single with lacing eye and spring...

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50 and 60mm Dynamic Bearing Blocks Suitable for numerous applications including catamarans, sports boats and keelboats. Patented dynamic bearing technology, utilising high quality 316 stainless steel ball bearings running on a stainless steel axle, provides unsurpassed dynamic load carrying capacity. A large central hole for tie-on becket requirements and the high quality design and engineering is noticeably in a league of its own. Key for load rating tables Single Cheek block Tie-on single Double Double with becket Triple Triple with hook Triple with becket Quad Quad with becket Triple...

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AutoRatchet blocks Allen were pioneers in the development of the first AutoRatchet blocks more than 30 years ago. The clever internal mechanism is designed to activate when the block is under load - as every sailor knows this can make all the difference on a long spinnaker reach or upwind beat. Years of constant development with the world's top sailors has made the AutoRatchet one of the most reliable and effective on the market. All our ratchet blocks are engineered with ball bearing technology and advanced engineering polymers for longevity and performance. Switchable ratchet blocks These...

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High Tension Blocks The Allen high tension stainless steel block range is specifically intended for use where wire, dyneema and spectra lines are loaded under high tension. The entire block is engineered using 316 stainless steel and the inner ball race sheave is CNC machined from solid bar, giving unfailing results everytime. A4669 Double with becket A4670 Micro triple with becket A4279 Single flared cheek A4379 Single fixed head A4379HK Single with hook A4379HK-90 Single with hook A4393 Single fixed head with becket A4393HK Single fixed head and becket...

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Classic Blocks The Allen classic nylon sheet blocks can be used in a number of applications. Available either with a plain bearing system or ball bearing system, they have been adopted by the Laser class as the block of choice for use on the mainsheet system. Plain Bearing Reinforced Blocks This plain bearing budget block range is a suitable alternative to the dynamic block range where a strong performance block is required but with a classic look. A.178-74BB 29mm single ball bearing with Inglefield clip A.278-74BB 38mm single ball bearing with Inglefield clip A4380PSC...

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