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The Allen brothers Tony and Glenn started their business with a vision of performance sailing hardware driven by innovation and technology. The first products they produced for their own race boats were such an improvement on everything then in use, customers demanded they set up production to meet the market. Those principles still hold true and the company has grown in the past 60 plus years to become a major exporter, selling high-performance sailing hardware to the World. This concentration on design meant tooling often had to be produced in-house and the vast majority of research,...

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Aaron Evans Topper GBR Nick Evans Allen Academy Optimist GBR Ben & Gabe Hill Graduate & Enterprise GBR Ben Hutton-Penman RS Feva/RS Aero 5 GBR Chris Rashley Nacra 17 GBR Chris Taylor 49er & BAR Junior Helm GBR Christian Birrell Merlin Rocket & Fireball GBR David Kenefick International Moth IRL In-House Resources include: Design & CAD modelling - using advanced PTC Creo CAD software our design team can quickly develop new ideas and designs into computer models, which can be structurally assessed with our Ansys computer simulated stress analysis...

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Key for load rating tables Maximum Working Load (MWL) The maximum load that the block will endure with repeated sheave movement Breaking Load The load at which a major block failure is likely to occur Breaking Load Extreme High Load Black Extreme High Load Blue Extreme High Load Gold Extreme High Load Orange Extreme High Load Purple Extreme High Load Silver Patented ultra strap 20mm Dynamic Blocks featuring the patented Allen Dynamic bearing system which provides an unrivalled weight to performance ratio. This is coupled with our high strength and rope friendly stainless steel ultra-strap;...

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Extreme High Load Blocks The Allen XHL range has been designed to deal with extremely high loads without compromising on low load dynamic performance. By combing the Allen patented dynamic bearing technology with CNC machined aluminium side cheeks and a precision turned stainless steel sheave, we have created a block range that can take a static load of up to 1500Kg. Perfect for use in vang cascades or halyard turning points where loads can be extremely high. Triple Triple With Fork Triple With Becket Triple With Inverted Cleat Triple, Inverted Cleat & Becket Triple, Cleat & Becket Triple...

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30mm Dynamic Blocks Allen 30mm Dynamic Blocks use the same high quality dynamic bearing, materials and precision engineering as our 20mm Dynamic Block range. Our high strength and rope friendly stainless steel ultra-strap makes them amongst the strongest and most reliable ball bearing blocks in their class. The range is available with different types of accessories including lacing eyes, hooks, swivels and cleats. The range also features a central rivet that provides great options as a tie on becket. You'll find a 30mm block to suit most control line applications. Max Line Dia. Shackle Pin...

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40mm Dynamic Blocks Allen 40mm Dynamic Blocks are built using a light weight composite cheek with a rope friendly, light weight stainless steel anchor strap and patented Allen dynamic bearing system. The range features a large central hole, which provides great options for tie-on beckets and is available with a variety of accessories, making it the suitable choice for demanding applications. These include dinghy mainsheets, jib and spinnaker sheeting systems as well as keelboat control lines. A2034-676 Triple With Inverted Cleat 96 8 1750 140 49 A2035-676 Triple, Becket...

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A2040XHL-BLACK Extreme High Load Black A2040XHL-BLUE Extreme High Load Blue A2040XHL-GOLD Extreme High Load Gold A2040XHL-ORANGE Extreme High Load Orange A2040XHL-PURPLE Extreme High Load Purple A2040XHL-SILVER Extreme High Load Silver A2040SC-676 Single With Swivel And A.676 Cam Cleat 73 10 4 800 180 142 A2040SC-677 Single With Swivel and A.677 Cam Cleat 73 10 4 800 180 107 A2041 Single With Swivel And 20mm Fiddle Block 100 10 4 800 180 86 A2041-676 Single With Swivel, 20mm Fiddle...

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Our Tii-On Blocks feature a stainless steel loop at the head of the block. This gives our range maximum strength and reliability with minimal cheek separation when tied on and loaded up with a soft shackle. The stainless steel head loop also ensures the block stays in the right orientation when being used. Length Max Line Dia. Breaking Load MWL Weight High Load Thimbles Thimbles are a great alternative to blocks when there is a need for high static load capabilities. Our high load thimbles come coated in Teflon to help reduce friction. Machined from aluminium and anodised in a...

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50 & 60mm Dynamic Blocks Allen 50mm Dynamic Blocks utilise our patented Dynamic bearing technology, the high quality stainless steel ball bearings running on stainless steel rails provides unsurpassed performance under load. The large central hole for tie-on becket requirements gives this block range a distinctive style and significant weight reduction and is available with a variety of accessories. Suitable for numerous demanding applications on boats, including Catamarans and Keelboats, the multi blocks provides great free running performance under load. Part Description A2054 "strong,...

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Allen Performance Catalogue - 11

RATCHET BLOCKS AutoRatchet The Allen AutoRatchet Blocks were the first of their kind on the market some 30 years ago. Years of constant development, with the World's top sailors, has lead us to the release of our X2 AutoRatchets. The new “X2” pawl system which incorporates two pawls into the mechanism ensures that the load is evenly shared between both pawls, this means that the block can withstand higher working loads while also increasing both the reliability and longevity. It also features the patented swivel head lock system which can be fixed in position, allowing for more setup...

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