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Welcome to the Allen Sailboat Performance Hardware catalogue... Here you will find the extensive range of quality sailboat performance hardware manufactured at the Allen Brothers UK factory. Our job as a manufacturer is to make products that work, and for the discerning racing sailor looking for the best, we have created the widest range of hardware that combines reliability efficiency, strength, size and weight with value for money. And it looks good too! Merging tradition, functionality and protocols that have evolved throughout sailing history, with the opportunities allowed by the use...

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CONTENTS ACCESSORIES RUDDER ACCESSORIES Ball Stoppers 40 Rudder Pintels & Gudgeons 26 Burgees 40 Rudder Retaining Clips 27 Drain socket and bungs 41 Tiller extension universal joints 27 Hatch covers 41 Tiller extension 25 Hooks 42 Tiller extension - carbon 25 Inglefield clips 42 Transom Pintles & Gudgeons 27 Keelbands 42 SAIL HARDWARE Rowlocks & Sockets 43 Batten Hardware 28 Self bailer 43 Jib Hanks 28 Sail Headboards 28 Shackles Round Body S/S Bow Shackle - forged pin 45 Sail Ring 28 Round Body S/S D Shackle - forged pin 45 Sail Shackles 29 Round Body S/S Long D Shackle - forged pin 45...

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HISTORY OF ALLEN BROTHERS Brothers Tony and Glenn were introduced to engineering at a young age and learnt how to design and produce parts for working model steam locomotives and aeroplanes which their father Henry Allen had an enthusiasm for building in the garden workshop. During a trip with a group of friends to Burnham-on-Crouch, a well known sailing center on the east coast of England, they saw a fleet of racing dinghies sail by. They were so impressed with these sleek sailing boats that they went along to the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club to find out more. There they met an American...

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Allen Brothers have the capacity to produce thousands of different products, with a huge archive of tooling and designs. Allen has the resources and experience to fulfill the requirements of the marine trade and the discerning sailor, from mass production In-house resources include: Using the advanced Pro-Engineer CAD software our design team can quickly develop new ideas and design concepts into computer models, which can also be structurally assessed with our Ansys computer simulated stress analysis software (Finite Element Analysis). Prototype plastic models can be seen within hours...

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Allen Dynamic Ball Bearing Blocks diameter blocks • Line friendly soft contours and • stainless steel cheeks and inner bearing systems handle maximum loads • central hole for tie-on becket releases line under load • advanced engineering carbon reinforced composites ensure long lived performance • reliable and consistent ratchet mechanism ball bearing based sheave for maximum power • Switchable under load » metal replacement composite » sheave technology allows grip under load and easy release when load is High Tension Blocks • Made from .316 Stainless Steel for ultimate strength maximum...

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20mm Dynamic Bearing Blocks simply the best designed and engineered micro block on the market. A2020LZ Single with lacing eye A2020S A2020 with swivel head Forked swivel head Double with becket Triple with fork Triple with becket Cheek block with profix Triple, cleat & becket Micro thro' deck block Micro thro' deck block

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30mm Dynamic Bearing Blocks with the Allen dynamic bearing technology at the heart of this block, the line friendly soft contours allowing articulation and stainless steel cheeks, the 30mm dynamic block will easily handle maximum loads and give unrivalled performance. CNC machined aluminium block Block on lacing eye with spring Swivel Block Ezi-Ti Block Multi function. Swivel fork Double with becket Triple with becket Cheek block with profix Triple, cleat & becket Dynamic linked Dynamic block with fiddle and cleat ( Kicker ) Midi upstand block A4701 Midi thro! deck sheave A4901 Midi thro'...

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40mm Dynamic Bearing Blocks is an essential piece of equipment with a range of applications suitable for mainsheet, jib,spinnaker and vang systems. It has been designed with a clever stainless steel anchor strap and alien dynamic bearing technology for performance and durability. Bullet block with removable strap Ezl-TI block 60mm Dynamic Bearing Blocks range was designed particularly for the catamaran and sports boat market it can be used in a variety of applications from jib sheet to mainsheet systems. It has a large central hole for tie-on becket requirements and the high quality design...

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• automatically engages line under load • advanced engineering carbon reinforced composites that ensure long lived performance • reliable and consistent ratchet mechanism ball bearing based sheave for maximum power automatic ratchet block - with more than 15 years of development to ensure reliability and performance when required. Spring Guard switchable under load ratchet mechanism can be switched on or off swivel head can be locked in fixed position cheek converter allows port or starbord deck mounting sheave technology allows grip under load and easy release when load is decreased Vang...

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High Tension Block The Allen high tension stainless steel block range is specifically intended for use where wire, Ddyneema'and spectra lines are loaded under high tension. The entire block is engineered using 316 stainless steel and the inner ball race sheave is CNC machined from solid giving unfailing results everytime. Optimist sprit Micro single Micro double Micro triple Micro double + becket Micro triple + becket Single flared cheek Single fixed head Single fixed head + becket Triple fixed head Double fixed head Triple fixed head + becket Double fixed head + becket Quad fixed head...

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Plain Bearing Block a nylon sheet block which can be used in a number of applications. They have been adopted by the Laser class as the block of choice for use on the mainsheet system. Part Description Sheave Dia Length Line Size Shackle Pin Breaking Load SWL Weight Plain Bearing Block This plain bearing budget block range is a suitable alternative to the dynamic block range where performance and style is less important to the application.

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