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Combining a classic Whitehall with the efficiency and power of sliding seat sculling makes for a fast & seaworthy boat that's quiet in the water & a pleasure Whitehall has graceful lines and a very pretty wine glass stern. over the waves for a dry ride. Originally used as livery boats, Whitehalls become more stable, as their loads increase, and this boat is no exception. Our newest Alden features the Gullwing Folding Rigger System. Stiff & reliable, the rigger quietly folds in & out - nesting below accommodating higher docks than allowed by our other Additionally, the Gullwing frame stiffens up the boat by acting as a reinforcing thwart. The folding outriggers also allow this Whitehall to be safely towed as a tender or moored. The Gullwing is the culmination of Gary Piantedosi's more than thirty years experience designing, manufacturing and open water racing. Built with anodized aluminum, stainless steel fasteners and ball bearing wheels, the Gullwing uses the same reliable and legendary monorail system we've been building since 1983. Paired with the Gullwing, the Whitehall makes sliding seat rowing a truly elegant exercise experience and something easily enjoyed with a non-rowing passenger. Boat Specs Wgterline Begm-24-28", depending upon load weight • Hand-Laid with 3 layers of 1.5 oz Fiberglass, 1 layer of Cormat and reinforced with 2 layers of 1 oz mat under the gunwales • Fore and Aft Bulkheads with Positive Foam Block Flotation Speciol Fegtures • Mahogany gunwales, seat top and footpads • $5295 (with Gullwing Folding Rigger System) 235 Summer Road, Bldg. #4, Boxborough, MA 01719 | 978.263.9010 | fax 978.263.5940

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