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AIRMAR Corporate Brochure

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Experts in Design, Engineering & Manufacturing Ultrasonic Transducers • Sensor Technology Thread Choices: 1” BSP x 0.72” long 1” NST x 0.72” long Thread Choices: 1” tapered BSP x 0.75” long ø 1” NPT x 0.94” long (ref.) Transducer M32-1.5 x 0.75” long 3X Threaded Standoff Locations BOW> Backing block Temperature sensor 3X Threaded Standoff Locations

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President’s Message Since 1982, AIRMAR has been dedicated to developing innovative sensor technology with the result that our products are unsurpassed in design, quality and performance. From our initial focus on the recreational marine industry, we have evolved to become the premier supplier of ultrasonic transducers and sensors to OEMs worldwide for use on land, sea, and air. At AIRMAR, we evaluate each application and identify products that will deliver the most cost-effective solution. We also work with our customers to develop products that meet an expressed need. Consequently, we...

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AIRMAR Delivers a Winning Formula AIRMAR’s skilled team of world-renowned scientists, multidisciplinary engineers, designers, and technicians lead the company in research and development. In fact, 12 – 14% of the company’s sales are reinvested in the company, allowing us to continue creating innovative products quickly. Our product lines include advanced ultrasonic transducers, flow sensors, WeatherStation® instruments, and electronic compasses used for a wide variety of applications including fishing, navigation, meteorology, survey, level measurement, process control, and proximity...

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Recreational Boating & Fishing The Benefits of Broadband Technology AIRMAR is the primary supplier of ultrasonic transducers to manufacturers of marine electronics for recreational boating, sportfishing, and commercial fishing applications. From our small personalwatercraft sensors to our large ceramic arrays, AIRMAR products are synonymous with quality and performance. As the marine industry grows, AIRMAR continues to introduce new and innovative technology—including broadband transducers for next generation CHIRP (compressed highintensity radar pulse) fishfinders. This is changing the...

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Navigation & Survey Custom Configurations AIRMAR offers a full line of transducers for hydrographic survey and scientific applications including models suitable for shallow water, harbor survey, deep ocean survey, and sub-bottom profiling. AIRMAR’s high-performance, broadband transducers are supplied as original equipment with many commercial fishing and survey echosounder systems from industry-leading manufacturers. When used as replacement transducers for already installed systems, they make the perfect, l ­ ow‑priced, high value, performance enhancement. AIRMAR specializes in OEM...

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Industrial Building on the company’s core business and strength in underwater applications for the marine industry, AIRMAR has successfully expanded its product line to include standard and custom ultrasonic transducers for a wide variety of industrial applications. Our air-ranging transducers provide non-contact solutions for customers’ toughest sensing problems. Unlike other sensing techniques, ultrasonic sensors can detect clear, transparent or shiny objects and are not affected by color. Products: Engineered to meet the most demanding applications, AIRMAR’s air transducers are rated...

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Environmental Monitoring Renewable Energy AIRMAR has grown its business in the agriculture and meteorological markets with the ultrasonic WeatherStation® instruments. These best-in-class products meet a growing need for real-time, site-specific weather information. The all-in-one weather sensors measure apparent wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, air temperature, relative humidity, dew point, and wind chill temperature. And, with the optional internal compass and GPS, true wind speed and direction can also be calculated. AIRMAR combines up to seven sensors, all with no moving...

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As Airmar constantly improves its products, all specifications are subject to change without notice. All Airmar products are designed to provide high levels of accuracy and reliability, however they should only be used as aids to navigation and not as a replacement for traditional navigation aids and techniques. WeatherStation®, Airducer®, WeatherCaster™, Piezoflex™, and Smart™ Sensors are registered trademarks and trademarks of Airmar Technology Corporation. Other company or product names mentioned in this document may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies,...

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