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24B August Lane, Alberton, QLD 4207, Australia The Kaiman design represents the latest advances in small amphibious hovercraft. The design is leading edge technology and incorporates the latest commercially available and appropriate high technology materials and manufacturing techniques for advanced performance. It is easily operated and maintained by its owners. The Kaiman is designed primarily for Military and Industrial applications and as such it is a high performance yet simple design easily operated and maintained with a minimum of crew training. The Kaiman is designed to operate in a wide variety of climatic conditions ranging from the hottest tropics to the extreme cold of the polar arctic regions. - COMMERCIAL HOVERCRAFT - - Quiet, large diameter thrust propeller with low tip speed. - Safe, guarded propellers, watertight compartments, Are zoning. - Exceptional payload capacity in its class, unbeatable earning capability. - Bag and finger skirt combination for high obstacle clearance with stability. - Economical 4 stroke engines. No polluting oil mixes. - Simple and effective mechanical equipment, easy maintenance. - Road transportable, load and go without wide load permits.

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The Kaiman has an exceptionally good payload to size ratio allowing good load capability and remaining easily transportable. It can fit within a 20' shipping container and is easily transported and launched from a special quick launch trailer. The Kaiman is built to a very high standard and is capable of gaining classification with most survey societies. When Hovering Cockpit Length Cockpit Width Cushion Height Isolated Obstacle Wave Height Clearance Recommended Speed I 00 km/hr (54 knots) on smooth ice 55 km/hr (30 Knots) on smooth water 28 km/hr (15 Knots) on smooth land Economical...

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