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Catalogue 2008

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Remember when our concept shape came out... This board triggered a true revolution in the wave discipline, for perfect or light conditions. The shape has proven to be even more efficient: its manoeuvrability has never yet been equalled on the market; its capacities for surfing are amazing; its control is incomparable in high winds. The more one sails on this board, the more one discovers the wideness/diversity of its qualities.Tuned in tri fins the board is explosive, expressing itself in movement demanding action and more action.The Seal is a unique shape, a true innovation enabling riders...

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In this range we have reunited our best 2007 wave shapes/ boards. These “Classic Waves” have balanced compact outlines, guaranteeing a traditional but aggressive output of the wave discipline. They are intended to satisfy all types of riders, during all wind conditions and for all spots. Their shapes are homogeneous; they have a curved rocker line, boosted by a double concave worked under the zone of pressure. This enables them to ally tolerance, easiness to handle and performance. The two inferior sizes (62 & 68) are intended for wilder conditions and/or average size riders, with a...

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Best seller, test winner, this program enables you to live your passion to the max. Our Rebounds are the reference in the freestyle wave or freewave eld due to the perfection of their shape. Balanced and harmonious, they guarantee performance and tolerance; speed and versatility, comfort and control, sensations and pleasure are absolute. The Rebound dominates its category, with no reproach! Our Rebounds know how to do everything: for you the pleasure of being fast, of surng, of riding in waves, on the at and in choppy waves. With our Rebound all doors will simply open in front of you! Shape...

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Volume liters The best shapes in the FreeStyle program! Their shapes enable you to accomplish all of the freestyle figures with easiness. Their voluminous rails and "bomb-tail" make the technical aspects of the new figures accessible to all. Our FreeStyle remains versatile boards, easy to ride and Offering an instant planning our"FreeStyle" is explosive and can enable you to reach a very high level. >: rather stretch for quick planning and speed. wide compact, it brings support for quick planning, rather voluminous and round forward, for a: under the feet area, it stretches the rocker line...

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Our free ride boards are the key to your pleasure: their shapes do the work for you. Easy and tolerant, they will enable you to accomplish a big jump ahead progression in many of your skills is assured. All the parameters dedicated to your progression have been reunited in this shape. Capable of working and adapting itself this board has a harmonious outline and a big simple concave evolving into a double concave nearer the back. This enables the rider to accelerate easily, due to the support of lateral ats, it’s voluminous and round rails stabilises the oater. Shape characteristics Scoop:...

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Our Fury’s, benet from all of the required qualities enabling one to reach the highest speeds with an incredible easiness. The association of a true slalom scoop turned up at the front, voluminous round rails on a V shaped board worked on a double concave, will able you to evolve in all types of water spots, acceding to a high level of performance in an absolute comfort. The qualities of these Free Slalom shapes are recognised, they offer sensations and performance with an easiness of accessibility. The Fury’s are very rapid. The Fury’s are very accessible. The Fury’s are true Slalom...

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Our Slalom shapes are “accessible to all”, our last Tracers proved that on them anyone can dominate. This year we have re worked our scoops, our hulls and have redrawn our outlines! We have improved our shapes taking into consideration all of the results of our past experiences and our world wide dominance in the elite windsurf competitions. The new SL 1 Concepts are here to enable you to reach your ultimate performance. The perfect glide and the absolute reactivity have been optimised by a complete development on every tiniest surface of the board. - We have worked on the front part of the...

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We have regrouped 2 shapes which answer to the light wind performance criteria. - Our world champion Formula is 150% dedicated to its discipline. - A Race Slalom shape of 140 litres aimed for accelerating in small wind; its rails offer the support essential to play with the limits of the wind, enabling you to go upwind without penalising your speed. Shape Characteristics Scoop: stretch, for quick planning and speed in light winds. Outline: compact, for good planning, manoeuvrability and control. Rails: voluminous. Hull: concave & double concaves that stretch the rocker line and make the...

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Volume liters Stay cool, discover or rediscover windsurfing, alone or with your family, with floaters that are very easy to ride. These boards have been developed to enable you to evolve quickly at your own rhythm. Our three boards offer stability and tolerance indispensable to your progression; their shapes offer a progressive planning, guaranteeing the best assets to guide you through your progression and pleasure! Scoop: progressive, ideal for a balanced and stable planning without on/off sensation, and good performance with low Outline: homogeneous and long for stability, support and...

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