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Green Motor for Revolutionary Catamaran

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Sailing-class catamaran manufacturer African Cats has just announced the development of a new generation of catamarans - the Green Cat. These crafts are propelled by a revolutionary new motor that uses no fossil fuels and generates its own power from the waves. Company founder and Director Gideon Goudsmit reveals how an independent approach has helped African Cats to launch these truly green catamarans.

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Innovative green power The Green Cat is a luxurious and spacious sailing-class catamaran that can reach top speeds, just like African Cats' other crafts. The difference is that it is the only sailing-class catamaran without a fossil-fuel engine. Instead, it is powered by an environmentally friendly electric generator and motor - the Green Motion electric propulsion system. This innovation allows sailors to power their catamarans in an environmentally friendly way. "Apart from propelling the craft when there's no wind, this motor powers the air conditioning, the heating, the lights - it...

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