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Ultra-Precise Approach & Docking EXTREME RELIABILITY - SAFE, ACCURATE, EFFICIENT The accuracy and reliability of the manoeuvring observations provided by the ADX XR PPU system are of a much higher level compared to the shipborne systems and shore based laser docking systems. SPECIALISTS IN PRECISE GNSS NAVIG

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PERFORMANCE (2sigma): Position Accuracy 1.5cm (RTK mode) 0.8m with EGNOS/WAAS 2 meters in uncorrected mode Heading accuracy FEATURES: The most accurate PPU on the market To meet the exacting demands of navigating and docking large vessels, the measurement of low speeds, precise heading and Rate of Turn is of utmost importance to the pilot. The ADX XR system derives these measurements using state-of-the-art GPS/GLONASS Real Time Kinematic (RTK) techniques along with precise RoT sensors. Compact and wireless ADX XR is a wireless PPU system that communicates with the Pilot’s portable ECS...

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