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A Sixth Sense for Tight Turns THE MOST RELIABLE PPU FOR NAVIGATION IN CONFINED WATERS Lightweight, easy to set up Portable Pilot Unit system with accurate Heading, Rate of Turn and Speed. The perfect tool for the pilot’s daily tasks. SPECIALISTS IN PRECISE GNSS NAV

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and in-depth local knowledge. With the lightweight ADX XR Lite in the backpack, the pilots have a sixth sense available at a reasonable cost. Robustness (drop test) 1.5 m to concrete SPECIALISTS IN PRECISE GNSS NAVIGATION The ADX XR Lite is designed to provide highly accurate and reliable navigation data for safe and efficient maneuvering at a lower price point. Easy to install, the system is mobilized within a couple of minutes. ADX XR Lite offers the Long Heading Baseline which provides unmatched heading accuracy. Heading is the most important observation for the ship positioning and path...

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