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ADX DUO INDEPENDENT PPU FOR NAVIGATING IN CONFINED WATERS The most competetive PPU-system on the market. ADX Duo is desiged to complete the most demanding tasks for the modern pilot - at an attractive price point. AD Navigation - pioneer in the PPU industry for more than 10 years - proudly introduces the new ADX DUO. The ADX series of PPU systems is unique by its 100% wireless architecture, extreme accuracy and user-friendly installation and operation. SPECIALISTS IN PRECISE GNSS NAVIGATION

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"The ADX Portable Pilot Unit is the greatest innovation to our profession in my 30 years as pilot" - Capt Robert I. de Roos, Senior Pilot, Rotterdam Position Accuracy: ADX DUO is the first 100% wireless “two-pod" Portable Pilot Unit Bow and Stern Speed 1,8 metres in Uncorrected mode 0.5m with EGNOS/WAAS 1 cm/sec (0.02 knots) Rate of Turn 0.2 °/min SPECIALISTS IN PRECISE GNSS NAVIGATION The ADX DUO is designed to provide highly accurate and reliable navigation data for safe maneuvering at a lower price point. Even without DGPS/RTK correction signals, the ADX DUO willl achieve a high level of...

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