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Soundac® TBAA Anti drumming and sound insulation Description Soundac® TBAA is a selfadhesive laminate which is developed as a high density ant drumming sheet. The sheets are available in various weights varying from 3.0 kg/m2 to a maximum of 2 10 kg/m . Soundac® TBAA is particularly suitable for applications where a high flexibility is required, even at low temperatures. The base components are bitumen, plasticizers, elastomers and variable granulomery fillers. The sheets can be produced self adhesive or as a hotmelt product. Stock Our barrier mats are produced in standard sizes and are always in stock. Product specification can be tailored to your requirements. Contact us for a quotation and availability in the different sizes. Acoustics & NoiseReduction BV - Celsiusstraat 26 - 1704 RW - Heerhugowaard tel. +31 (0)72 57 27 390 - fax +31 (0)72 57 21 256 - e-mail - website Bankrekeningnr. - K.V.K. nr. 37100240 - BTW nr. 8103.71.315.B.01

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Loss factor Soundac® TBAA Soundac® TBAA is very effective as deadener damping material used on parts subjected to vibrations. Loss factor The best sound reductions can be achieved if the material on which the Soundac® TBAA is applied is of a lower weight then mat itself. Soundac® TBAA Soundac® TBAA Soundac® TBAA The mat should preferably be glued with the whole surface to the subsoil and subsequently be firmly pressed or rolled to prevent forming of air bubbles. Examples of such applications are automotive, enclosures, sinks, air ducts, sheeting around pipes, elevator cabins, household...

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