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Acoustics & NoiseReduction component polyurethane viscoelastic damping layer is polyurethane polymer together with the steel sheel constraining layer, a final structure with very high loss tactor over a wide range. This dramatically recuces noise generated by ana easy to combine wilh absorbing loams anti drumming of horizontal floors and reduces vibration levels of steel structures and These materials are always Acoustics 8 NoiseReduction International BV - Celsiusstraat 26 - 1704 RW Heerhugowaard - The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce Alkmaar 37141455 VAT. No 8193.59154.B.01 Bank account: ING-Bank - IBAN: NL94 ING B 067S 800599 - BIC: INGBNL2A

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Soundac PU D20 - 2

Converting Loss factor 4 mm steel, 2 mm PU-D20, 2 mm steel Pre-treatment of surface: Aluminium and stainless steel to be painted with wash primer. Steel to be sand blasted or painted. Before use the A and B components shall be thoroughly mixed together. Observe that the pot life after mixing is about 30 minutes. After mixing the Soundac® PU-D20 may be poured out to specified thickness and the constraining metal sheet laid down in the wet layer. o Soundac® PU-D20 Soundac® PU-D20 Soundac® PU-D20 C at 200 Hz at 500 Hz at 1000 Hz Safety B component contains isocyanides of MDI type. Protective...

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