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Soundac® AGLP Low frequency absorption in public places Description Soundac® AGLP is a self supporting sound absorbing sheet which operates by micro perforation to give an optimum airflow resistance for absorbing sound. Soundac® AGLP is because of the large operating temperatures from -50oC to ca. +200oC well suited for applications in the combination as noise and heat shield. This combination is of great importance in applications like trains. Pressure washable Rigid Age resistant Good sound absorption High temperatures Easy to form Mechanic application No static electricity Recyclable Aesthetic Soundac® AGLP can be supplied in aluminium or with pre painted finishes. Stock The Soundac® AGLP sheets are produced to your specification, because of the many differences in thickness and composition. Please contact us for a quotation and availability in the different dimensions. Acoustics & NoiseReduction BV - Celsiusstraat 26 - 1704 RW - Heerhugowaard tel. +31 (0)72 57 27 390 - fax +31 (0)72 57 21 256 - e-mail - website Bankrekeningnr. - K.V.K. nr. 37100240 - BTW nr. 8103.71.315.B.01

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Application Sound absorption coefficient to ISO 10534 Soundac® AGLP is mounted with a small air gap between the absorption sheet and the wall on which it is mounted. The absorption at low frequencies can be optimised with variations in the air gap or use of Rockwool. Sound absorption coefficient (α) 1 0,9 0,8 0,7 0,6 0,5 0,4 0,3 ® Soundac AGLP is mainly applied in places where high standards for oil and water resistance, hygiene and resistance to heat have to be met. 0,2 0,1 0 100 Stud bolts or distance profiles can be applied to Soundac® AGLP and the air gap, moreover it can be bend into a...

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