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Compact turbochargers for high pressure ratios

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TPS-F Compact turbochargers for very high pressure ratios Performance plus High flow rates, high efficiency and high pressure ratios – three turbocharger characteristics essential for powering up engine performance and reducing emissions. The TPS-F is proven a family of Accelleron turbo chargers offering high power density in a compact, sturdy design. It was developed to meet the performance and support the emissions requirements of small medium-speed diesel engines, large highspeed diesel engines and gas engines in the 400 3,300 kW power range. Three versions are available for full-load...

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TPS..-F - 3

TPS-F Compact turbochargers for very high pressure ratios The modular, robust construction of the TPS-F ensures easy installation and maintenance, plus long times between overhauls and low lifecycle costs. The outline dimensions have been kept the same as those of the proven TPS-D/E1, offering important advantages for planned engine upgrades. Tried and tested Accelleron performs a comprehensive series of qualification tests to ensure the total reliability of its turbochargers. Safety features of the TPS-F include a proven turbine and compressor containment concept. Market-oriented design...

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TPS..-F - 4

TPS-F Compact turbochargers for very high pressure ratios Benefits that add up The TPS-F brings together features that improve performance and cut engine emissions while keeping running costs low. Three radial high-pressure compressor stages; increased volume flow; different trims Full-load pressure ratios of up to 5.2 with aluminum compressor wheel; optimal matching Stabilizer technology Enlarged map widths, improved compressor stability High-efficiency mixed-flow turbine, fully capable of pulse charging Highest turbine performance, very high part-load efficiency Highly compact design;...

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TPS..-F - 5

TPS-F Compact turbochargers for very high pressure ratios Design features Turbine and compressor Turbine The mixed flow turbine with nozzle ring ensures very high efficiencies and large volume flows in both pulse and constant pressure applications. Optional coated nozzle rings are available when operating TPS-F turbochargers under heavy fuel conditions. Variable turbine geometry is another option1 for specific applications with changing operating or ambient conditions. Gas inlet casings with one, two, three or four gas inlets accommodate all common pulse systems. Compressor Three radial...

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TPS..-F - 6

TPS-F Compact turbochargers for very high pressure ratios Design features Bearings and casings Stable, compact and reliable TPS-F plain bearings benefit from experience gained with over 80,000 Accelleron with plain bearings in service worldwide. Accelleron developed the TPS bearing assembly for direct lubrication by the engine lube oil system. Shaft stability at all speeds is ensured by the cen- tering of the radial bearing bushes in a squeeze oil film damper, while the position of the axial thrust bearing between the radial bearings contributes to the compact rotor design. This solution...

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TPS..-F - 7

TPS-F Compact turbochargers for very high pressure ratios water-cooled to keep component temperatures at critical locations low during steady-state operation and when shutting down the engine. Optimized casing design TPS-F casings are optimized for applications on four-stroke diesel and gas engines in the 400 kW to 3,300 kW power range. Excellent flow dynamics and minimized thermal stress are ensured. Total containment is provided by an integrated inner and an outer burst protection ring. E Turbine and compressor washing are catered for. All casings, including suction branches and the gas...

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