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Power2 800-M


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Increase power output, save on fuel Two-stage turbocharging is a key technology in enabling significantly reduced fuel consumption and emissions, in addition to increased engine power density. 01 Power2 800-M: a turbocharging system beyond the limitations of single-stage turbocharging

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Power2 800-M exceeds single-stage turbocharging for the most advanced medium-speed fourstroke diesel, petrol and dual-fuel engines. The new efficiency benchmark Power2 800-M was developed from the start to deliver the benefits of a dedicated two-stage turbocharging technology. Each turbocharger step is designed to work together to optimise your engine as efficiently as feasible. Power2 800-M is the most powerful turbocharging system on the market, with turbocharging efficiency of over 75% and charge air pressure of up to 12 bar, a new industry benchmark. This means double-digit power output...

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