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MMA - Maintenance Management Agreement


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Helping to maintain and grow your business Maintenance Management Agreement (MMA) A Maintenance Management Agreement (MMA) is a framework agreement for maintaining your Accelleron turbocharging solutions in your fleet. It optimizes your maintenance, frees up your resources and reduces your workload – living proof that less can indeed be more. 01 Accelleron Maintenance Management Agreement

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More profit, less effort MMAs optimise maintenance management and reduce workload. An annual budget plan, advance service suggestions, discounts on new original spare parts, and a single point of contact in your language and on your schedule are included. An MMA provides proactive support with full openness. Hundreds of clients are convinced. They covered 15,000 turbochargers under an Accelleron MMA, not simply to save 20% on spare parts. Flexible MMAs Accelleron MMAs tailor services to your operational needs and assets. MMAs specify maintenance rates, global service prices, and original...

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