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PDF Brochure High voltage cast iron motors, HXR

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High voltage cast iron motors

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We provide motors and generators, services and expertise to save energy and improve customers’ processes over the total lifecycle of our products, and beyond. 2 High voltage cast iron motors | HXR

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High performance cast iron motors designed to meet all requirements of the specific application HXR cast iron motors are custom designed for an ideal match with the individual customer’s specific application. Innovative, TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) HXR motors are the right choice for applications with requirements for dependable, high efficiency motor power that cannot be met by standard products. Basic specification – Totally enclosed fan cooled cast iron construction – 100 to 2250 kW at 50 Hz – 150 to 3000 HP at 60 Hz – Shaft heights: 355 - 560 mm 14.5 - 22.0 inches – Voltages from...

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HXR cast iron motors: High efficiency reduces environmental impacts and operating costs 4 High voltage cast iron motors | HXR

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ABB is constantly working to further improve the environmental characteristics of its products. The HXR range of engineered motors - featuring high efficiency, long service life and low noise level - are not only environmentally friendly but also cost less to run. Losses have been minimized by the effective use of material and optimized fan designs. Reduced core and fan losses mean that there is no sharp drop in the efficiency curve at partial load. At the same time ABB has strengthened the mechanical structure of the motor and optimized the electrical dimensioning in order to increase the...

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High quality stator windings The quality of the winding is a key factor in overall motor reliability. HXR motors feature a combination of the class F insulation system and vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI). This approach was first used in the late 1970s and has been providing excellent reliability since then. To ensure the motors have a good overload margin – which promotes a long lifetime – they are normally rated to class B even though the insulation meets thermal class F requirements (temperature limit 155ºC). The basic impulse level exceeds IEC requirements, and the windings are...

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Rigid rotor construction The rotor cage is constructed using deep bars of either copper, copper alloy or very conductive aluminum alloy. Copper bars are silver brazed to copper short circuit end rings, while aluminum bars are made of extruded rod and are continuous welded by machine to cast end rings. For optimum performance and maximum rotor life, most rotors are built using copper bars and end rings (aluminum rotor standard for 2-pole motors). Great care is taken during manufacture to minimize stress buildup, and the rotor bars are swaged to provide a very robust construction able to...

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Reliable bearings Antifriction bearings Horizontally mounted motors with shaft height 355-500 mm have deep groove ball bearings at both ends as a standard solution. This bearing construction has been tested for IP55 protection, and IP56 protection can be offered as an option. Motors with shaft height 560 mm have two bearings (deep groove ball bearing and cylindrical roller bearing, type NU) at the D-end and a cylindrical roller bearing at the N-end. Vertical motors with shaft height 355-500 mm have a single row angular contact ball bearing at the N-end. Motors with shaft height 560 mm have...

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Sleeve bearings Oil lubricated sleeve bearings can be supplied for horizontal motors as an option. The standard design is a side flange split type bearing. The normal rotor float range is ±8 mm from the mechanical center. The oil level can be checked using a sight glass from either side of the motor. Oil filling and drainage are easily carried out. Protection against contamination is provided by floating type labyrinth seals. HXR | High voltage cast iron motors 9

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Terminal boxes designed for maximum flexibility Cable connection is a straightforward task as there is plenty of space in the terminal box, which can even be changed from side to side after installation. The standard location of the main terminal box is at the D-end on horizontal motors and at the N-end on vertical motors. The box is supported by rigid fixing beams on the motor frame. Terminal boxes are welded from sheet steel for a robust construction. A variety of different HV terminal boxes – including star point, phase segregated and phase separated – are available. There are also...

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Comprehensive range of accessories ABB supplies a wide range of proven accessories for HXR motors – customers can select the accessories they need to customize their motors for an exact match with their requirements. The following accessories are included as standard: – 6 Pt 100 resistance temperature detectors (RTD) in stator winding, wired to separate terminal box – SPM and grease nipples on both antifriction bearings – labyrinth seals on bearings – grounding bolts on frame and inside and outside of terminal boxes – stainless steel rating plate – jacking screws – lifting lugs – provision...

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Extensive testing ABB’s design and manufacturing experience, combined with state-of-the-art facilities, ensure that each HXR motor meets the strictest quality requirements. Extensive testing during manufacturing and final assembly verifies the high quality of the motors. Following type testing of a new motor to prove its electrical characteristics, all subsequent motors of the same type undergo an extensive routine test program. 12 High voltage cast iron motors | HXR

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Custom engineered for your application ABB’s high voltage HXR motors are used in a wide variety of processes across many different industries. Typical applications include pumps, fans, blowers, compressors, conveyors, pulverizers, and even ship thrusters and AC generators. Versions classified for hazardous areas are available for use in the chemical, oil, gas and similar sectors. Totally enclosed fan cooled (TEFC) motors are suitable for almost all environmental conditions. Their good starting characteristics make these motors especially suited to driving energy efficient blowers and fans....

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