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PDF Azipod® Gearless Propulsion

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Azipod® Gearless Propulsion More profitable business with reliable

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Azipod® – State-of-the-art gearless steerable propulsion system Versatile Azipod propulsion can be fitted to most ship types. It is the designed solution for global maritime operations delivering high reliability and improved operational and environmental efficiency. For more than 25 years, Azipod propulsion has set electric propulsion trends. Azipod propulsion has made vessel operations safer and more environmentally friendly, has reduced vessel life cycle costs and has given both merchant shipping and offshore operators increased vessel performance. Azipod propulsion also enables several...

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Our broad offering of gearless Azipod® propulsion units and thrusters Azipod propulsion covers propulsion unit needs from 1.5MW up to more than 22MW. With single, twin, triple, multiple or hybrid propulsion unit combinations, all propulsion power requirements can be fulfilled in an energy and cost efficient way. The nozzle versions are available for high thrust applications. Ice-strengthened versions are available for heavy arctic or icebreaking operations. Azipod DO for ship applications for powers 1.5–7MW Azipod CO for ship applications for powers 1.5–4.5MW Azipod XO for ship applications...

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Reliable and efficient power for several ship types Azipod propulsion has created tangible fuel savings for ship operators, opened new seaways in the arctic seas and enabled huge ships to enter narrow harbors with agile, safe and fast maneuvering. It has gathered operational experience in demanding conditions in hot tropical waters and freezing arctic environments with over 12 million operation hours. High reliability and reduced fuel consumption Operational reliability and lower fuel consumption bring numerous benefits for most ship types. High performance in demanding conditions Ice-going...

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Azipod propulsion is the suitable fit for all ship types that enable electric propulsion – from new LNG carriers to ferries. Icebreaker supply vessel Aleksey Chirikov is equipped with 2 pcs 6.5MW Azipod VI propulsion units Wind Turbine Installation vessels Pacific Orca has 4 pcs 3.4MW Azipod CO thrusters Crude oil tanker Tempera with 16MW Azipod VI Semi-submersible drilling rigs Development Driller I and II have both 8 pcs 3.2MW Azipod CZ thrusters Quantum of the Seas has 2 pcs 20.5MW Azipod XO units Icebreaking tug Polar Pevek with 2 pcs 5MW Azipod VI propulsion units

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Flexibility and cost efficiency to shipbuilding Azipod propulsion brings clear design, constructional and installation benefits for the shipyard. Most vessels with Azipod propulsion can be built at the same cost level as a corresponding vessel with a conventional electric propulsion system with a shaft. Improved freedom of ship general arrangement General arrangement can be made more suitable for the shipyard’s construction process, and more efficient ship design and increased payload can be achieved. Easy noise and vibration management Due to the inherent characteristics of the electric...

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Taking safety and productivity to the next level with ABB’s integrated operations and global service network ABB’s Integrated Operations center takes ship support to the next level ABB Marine and Ports’ worldwide professional service network ensures high availability and operation at high performance with lower life cycle costs. We have a comprehensive service network in all main shipping hubs. Specialized Regional Propulsion Products service centers offer local support in main operating areas. Integrated Operations ABB’s Integrated Operations solutions bring the shipping industry into the...

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ABB Oy, Marine and Ports Merenkulkijankatu 1 P.O. Box 185 FI-00981 Helsinki Finland Phone: +358 10 2211 Fax: +358 10 222 2350 ABB Engineering (Shanghai) Ltd. No. 4528 Kangxin Highway 201319 Shanghai China Phone: +86 21 23288256 Fax: +86 21 23288260 www.abb.com/marine

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