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Marine generators - Proven generators for reliable power on board

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m»wABB MOTORS AND GENERATORS Marine generators Proven generators for reliable power on board © • ABB's motors and generators for marine applications deliver high levels of performance and reliability in demanding conditions • ABB offers a full range of induction and synchronous motors and generators for marine applications

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— We provide motors and generators, services and expertise to save energy and improve customers’ processes over the total life cycle of our products, and beyond

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— Full range of synchronous generators for marine applications Whatever your marine generator needs – low or high voltage, power plant or auxiliary power – ABB has a proven, safe solution. We are the leader in diesel and gas engine applications with over 45,000 MVA of power supplied, enabling us to deliver the optimum product on time and in budget. ABB produces 50,000 marine motors and generators annually. We offer a full range of synchronous generators optimized to meet the highest marine requirements. Our low voltage standard series extends from 14 kVA up to 2600 kVA, and is complemented...

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Application specific engineering ABB marine generators are optimized using advanced techniques including 3D design. Vibration levels are efficiently reduced with the help of FEM (finite element method) simulations, with the results made available to the engine supplier for use in their own design. Our long-standing working relationships with engine manufacturers and gen-set builders have given us the experience and tools needed to analyze the impacts of external torsional and baseframe vibrations. Our engineering can meet all performance design challenges – including reactance tuning and...

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— Low voltage standard marine generators ABB low voltage (LV) standard marine generators are specifically designed for marine diesel gen-sets in main, auxiliary or emergency power generation. They cover the power range 14 -2600 kVA in frame sizes 180 - 450 with typical voltages of 380 - 480 V. Application specific generators – short delivery times ABB standard 4-pole generators have proven themselves in demanding marine applications. They enable short delivery times without compromising reliability. These open air cooled self-excited brushless generators feature a permanent magnet pole in...

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— Low voltage modular marine generators ABB low voltage (LV) modular marine generators are tailor-made for diesel gen-sets on board ships or offshore platforms. They cover the power range 500 -5000 kVA in frame sizes 400 - 630 with typical voltages of 400 - 690 V. Tailored solutions on time ABB has the experience to deliver tailor-made generators for demanding marine applications on time and in budget. We can offer different bearing solutions for specific tilting requirements using either antifriction or sleeve bearings in single or double bearing arrangements. The direction of the cable...

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ABB MOTORS AND GENERATORS BROCHURE They cover the power range up to 63 MVA in frame sizes 500-2500 with voltages up to 15 kV (50/60 Hz). Over 2000 state-of-the-art HV synchronous generators are operating on a wide range of vessel types, including cruisers, car and train ferries, ice-breakers, multi-purpose tankers, LNG tankers, FPSOs, ice-going vessels, supply vessels and drilling rigs. Customized solutions on time We have the experience to deliver highly customized ABB generators for demanding marine applications on time and in budget. We can offer different bearing solutions for specific...

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— Shaft generators ABB supplies shaft generators for installation directly in the main shaft or for connection via a gearbox. Every shaft generator is tailored for an optimal match with the vessel design. Variable speed shaft generators cover the power range up to 10 MW. Power ranges for fixed speed shaft generators are shown on the previous pages. ABB shaft generator solutions are fully marine certified. Based on our extensive experience in supplying equipment for marine applications, the generators are optimized to meet the needs of the individual vessel. Robust designs and high quality...

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Life cycle services and support From pre-purchase to migration and upgrades ABB offers a complete portfolio of services to ensure trouble-free operation and long product lifetimes. These services cover the entire life cycle. Local support is provided through a global network of ABB service centers and certified partners. Pre-purchase ABB’s front-end sales organization can help customers to quickly and efficiently select, configure and optimize the right generator for their application. Spare parts Spare parts and support are offered throughout the life cycle of ABB products. In addition to...

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Additional information We reserve the right to make technical changes or modify the contents of this document without prior notice. With regard to purchase orders, the agreed particulars shall prevail. ABB AG does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for potential errors or possible lack of information in this document. We reserve all rights in this document and in the subject matter and illustrations contained therein. Any reproduction, disclosure to third parties or utilization of its contents – in whole or in parts – is forbidden without prior written consent of ABB AG.

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— For more information, please contact your local ABB representative or visit © Copyright 2018 ABB. All rights reserved. Specifications subject to change without notice.

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