Low voltage Marine motors EN 09-2016 - 76 Pages

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Low voltage Marine motors EN 09-2016

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Low voltage Marine motors

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With more than 60 years history as leading company delivering motors into the marine market, we are helping customers to meet the high demand of performance and reliability in demanding conditions. This ensures that operation, maintenance and support can be optimized over the vessel’s lifetime.

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Cast iron motors    14 Total product offering    73 Life cycle services and support    74

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Marine applications General With new challenging environmental regulators and restrictions, we at ABB can help customers with comprehensive product portfolio and services to choose the correct motor selections for heir applicators. Certification by leading classificator sicieties ensures compliace with major international standards.   Reduced emission IMO regions   The shipping industry is facing tightened environmental regulations, as emission limits are being imposed worldwide.   IMO (International Maritime Organization) has proposed emission limits for ships operating inside ECAs...

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ABB low voltage motors are type approved according to most of the classification societies as listed below where applicable. 3.1: All motors 100 kW and above, ^Society does not recognise separate Non-Essential/Essential duties, 2)3.2 inspection certificate for all shafts which are part of the main mechanical propulsion line or dynamic positioning, electric propulsion motors and for main engine driven generators, Ex motors (check with Production unit): KR and NK type approval required (if not, then wittnessed testing)

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Mounting arrangements Foot-mounted motor Code I / code II Product code pos. 12 A: foot-mounted, term. box top R: foot-mounted, term. box RHS L: foot-mounted, term. box LHS Flange-mounted motor, large flange Code I / code II Product code pos. 12 B: flange mounted, large flange Flange-mounted motor, small flange Code I / code II Product code pos. 12 C: flange mounted, small flange Foot- and flange-mounted motor with feet, large flange Code I / code II Product code pos. 12 H: foot/flange-mounted, term. box top S: foot/flange-mounted, term. box RHS T: foot/flange-mounted, term. box LHS Foot-...

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Designation system concerning methods of cooling refers to standard IEC 60034-6. Position 1 0:    Free circulation (open circuit) 4:    Free circulatio (open circuit) A:    For air (omitted for simplifi ed designation) 6:    Machine-mounted independent component A:    For air (omitted for simplifi ed designation) 6:    Machine-mounted independent component

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Classification of degrees of protection provided by enclosures of rotating machines are refers to: - Standard IEC 60034-5 or EN 60529 for IP code - Standard EN 50102 for IK code IP protection Protection of persons against getting in contact with (or approaching) live parts and against contact with moving parts inside the enclosure. Also protection of the machine against ingress of solid foreign objects. Protection of machines against the harmful effects due to the ingress of water. IK code Classification of degrees of protection provided by enclosure for motors against external mechanical...

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General information Insulation ABB uses class F insulation, which, with temperature rise B, is the most common requirement all industries today.   The use of Class F insulation with Class B temperature risegives ABB products a 25 °C safety margin. This can be used to increase the loading for limited periods, to operateat higher ambient temperatures or altitudes, or with greater voltage and frequency tolerances. It can also be used to extend insulation lifetime. For instance, a 10 K temperature reduction will extend the insulation lifetime.   Industry:   Thermal class 130 (B) –– Nominal...

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The impact on temperature rise caused by voltage and frequency fluctuation is defined in IEC 60034-1. The standard divides the combinations into two zones, A and B. Zone A is the combination of voltage deviation of +/-5 % and frequency deviation of +/-2 %. Zone B is the combination of voltage deviation of +/-10 % and frequency deviation of +3/-5 %. This is illustrated in figure below. Motors are capable of supplying the rated torque in both zones A and B, but the temperature rise will be higher than at rated voltage and frequency. Motors can be run in zone B only for a short period of time.

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The surface treatment categorization of ABB motors is based on the ISO 12944 standard. ISO 12994-5 divides paint system durability into three categories: low (L), medium (M), and high (H). Low durability corresponds to a lifetime of 2 - 5 years, medium to 5 - 15 years, and high durability to over 15 years. The durability range is not a guaranteed lifetime. Its purpose is to help the owner of the motor plan for appropriate maintenance intervals. More frequent maintenance may be required because of fading, chalking, contamination, wear and tear, or for other reasons. ABB’s standard surface...

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Cast iron motors in brief    39

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When placing an order, specify motor type, size and product code according to the following example. Example 3GBP:    Totally enclosed fan cooled squirrel cage motor with cast iron frame Position 12 (marked with black dot in data tables) Mounting arrangement A:    Foot-mounted, top-mounted terminal box R:    Foot-mounted, terminal box RHS seen from D-end L:    Foot-mounted, terminal box LHS seen from D-end B:    Flange-mounted, large flange C:    Flange-mounted, small flange (sizes 71 to 112) H:    Foot- and flange-mounted, terminal box top-mounted J:    Foot- and flange-mounted, small...

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1) -3dB(A) sound pressure level reduction with unidirectional fan construction. Direction of rotation must be stated when ordering, see variant codes 044 and 045 2) Unidirectional fan construction as standard. Direction of rotation must be stated when ordering, see variant codes 044 and 045

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