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Emission monitoring for maritime industry | We are on your wavelength

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ABB MEASUREMENT & ANALYTICS Emission monitoring for maritime industry We are on your wavelength

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EMISSION MONiTORiNG FOR MARiTiME iNDUSTRY ECAs Possible future ECAs The measurement requirement The International Maritime Organization (IMO) set out the MARPOL Annex VI regulations aiming the control of the main air pollutants emitted by vessels. These regulations focus on the control and reduction of sulphur oxides (SOX) and nitrous oxide (NOX) emissions: • Regulation 14 for control and monitoring of SOX emitted • by the combustion of heavy fuel oils (HFO) engines • Regulation 13, for control of NOX emitted by the combustion of diesel engines SOX control guidelines are specified in the...

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Measurement of SOX/CO2 ratio The GAA330-M basic version is equipped with ABB’s famous infrared photometer of Uras type. The Uras26 is the latest version of a rugged industrial photometer based on the Non Dispersive IR (NDIR) technology. NDIR is the referenced and recognized technology for monitoring SO2/ CO2 ratio in MARPOL regulation. The Uras26 photometer allows the selective measurement of SO2 and CO2 with class leading accuracy. Internal calibration cells, containing a sealed reliable reference gas, simplify the regular adjustment of span points, without use of external test gas...

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