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Cylmate Systems Combustion under control

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Force Measurement Products Cylmate® Systems Combustion under control Power and productivity for a better world™

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Knowledge is a continuous process A modern engineer wants to feel secure and comfortable about the diesel engine performance. The Cylmate System will provide all the key knowledge for optimum engine operation. ABB’s Cylmate® System is a comprehensive system for continuous engine performance measurement and performance monitoring. A unique combination of measurements of cylinder pressure and crank shaft position in combination with advanced mathematical modeling of the engine provides very accurate, real-time data for monitoring and diagnostic analysis. The quality of the data ensures very...

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With the Cylmate® System you will reduce the costs for maintenance and fuel – resulting in a short payback time Knowledge will become even more important. Therefore the Cylmate ® System is designed to provide real-time information required by electronically controlled engines in order to optimize the engine operation by closed loop control of the combustion process. The Cylmate ® System brings a new level of engine performance management. The Cylmate® System is a powerful tool developed by ABB for diesel engine performance monitoring. The system, which fits both marine and power plant...

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Cylmate® System – key components The pressure in each cylinder is measured continuously by ABB’s accurate and proven transducer based on the Pressductor® Technology. The position of each piston is determined by accurate measurement of the flywheel angle in combination with advanced crank shaft modeling. The pressure signal is then processed and plotted against the corrected piston position throughout the combustion cycle; the vital engine performance parameters are derived from this data. The Cylmate® System consists of a Pressure Transducer on each cylinder and an Angle Transducer at the...

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Accurate scanning of the crank shaft angle position at the flywheel. All equipment is designed for tough marine installations and complying with the latest international quality standards. 1 4 3 1. Cylmate Pressure Transducers. 2. Cylmate Angle Transducer. 3. Cylmate Controller. 4. Operator Station. 5. Cylmate Transducer Bus. Angle transducer The Angle Transducer is mounted close to the flywheel and is based on the Pulsed Eddy Current Technology, patented by ABB. It will find the middle of each tooth with an accuracy better than 0.05°. Since the number of flywheel teeth may not be that big...

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Cylmate® Operator Station The Cylmate® System offers one system concept for all applications. It is installed as stand-alone with the possibility to communicate with superior systems and can handle single as well as multi-engine arrangements. Increase the engine safety by keeping track of the engine performance 24/7. The unique feature is that every single stroke is measured and used in the data evaluation. This feature makes it possible to identify errors in the engine at a very early stage, and to follow up and analyze the running conditions of the engine. Protect your main engine by...

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The Cylmate® Operator Station is based on an industrial version of a standard PC, and includes the Cylmate Software, which is running under Windows. The Cylmate® System has comprehensive on-screen presentation of all collected data, both current and historical. Alarm, event and trend pages as well as graphic and tabular forms of the engine parameters are available e.g. Pcomp, Pmax, -Pmax, MIP, Indicated Power, engine speed, SFOC, etc. Specific Fuel Oil Consumption (SFOC) The Fuel Economy Monitoring function will calculate the actual fuel consumption, independent of load and...

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Cylmate® Engine Performance Report functions As important as continuous monitoring of all cylinders is the performance logging and reporting. Engine Performance Reports can be seen as an engine logbook that clearly presents an average summary of all important combustion parameters over a selectable number of strokes. A clear and consistent Performance Report of all relevant combustion parameters will form the base for reliable verification of the engine condition. The Report will also compose a powerful tool for advanced engine analysis and diagnosis, and will directly inform the engineers...

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Cylmate off-line reference and analysis function The Cylmate System has a large memory buffer where live combustion performance is recorded. The buffer always contains all combustion data and pressure curves from the latest 70 strokes. This information is used for creating snapshots of the engine performance under different load and environmental conditions. For example snapshots can be taken during shop test, sea trial and at different climate and load conditions as well as after engine overhaul. The snapshot function can also be used to record abnormal behavior for later off-line...

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Recognized, Verified and Proven Over the years the Cylmate® System has been recognized with the CIMAC President’s award, technically verified by many installations and the accuracy has been proven during engine shop tests. NSB’s large container vessels successfully running with Cylmate Engine Monitoring systems We ask Mr. Bögemann, Chief Engineer onboard ”M/V Ever Conquest” about the installation: ”Before Cylmate we had movable monitoring systems and it took us just about an hour to measure all cylinders. Since Cylmate is a continuous, on-line system it is a very helpful tool in our daily...

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M/V Malmö Link The first Cylmate System was installed on M/V Malmö Link in year 2000 and has been in operation ever since. Mr. Christer Bruzelius, President of Nordö-Link Management AB, has experience of traditional pressure measurement systems and engine maintenance. ”So far, the real benefit with ABB’s Cylmate System has been to keep track of the fuel valves. If you don’t detect a malfunctioning fuel valve in time, it can inject oil in the wrong way and this could end up with an uneven distributed wear on the cylinder lining. You cannot be sure that a bad fuel valve will indicate a fault...

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