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Condition monitoring solutions Enabling the right maintenance at the right time

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We provide motors, generators and mechanical power transmission products, services and expertise to save energy and improve customers’ processes over the total life cycle of our products, and beyond. 2 ABB | Motors and Generators | Condition monitoring solutions

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Powerful tools that put intelligence into maintenance Motors and generators – like any other machines – are subject to wear and aging. The materials and components they are made from degrade over time, and if no action is taken they will eventually fail. Fortunately most types of failure can be prevented by maintenance. To plan maintenance effectively, the plant operator must have accurate information: which components need repairing or replacing, and when? Detect defects at an early stage ABB’s condition monitoring solutions provide reliable information on the condition of motors and...

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ABB MACHsense-P Regular health checks help to maintain maximum performance over the entire life cycle ABB MACHsense-P is a condition monitoring service that uses vibration and electrical data from motors in order to diagnose problems. How it works Our field engineer visits your site and takes readings from your motors with a portable data collector. Advanced signal processing methods are applied to analyze the raw data, and an instant summary report is provided to you during the site visit. Shortly afterwards, when the data has been analyzed in detail, you receive a full report with...

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instant summary report, with full report after detailed analysis earlier warnings and more comprehensive diagnosis than conventional solutions vibration and electrical measurements are processed in single software platform to avoid false positives and negatives advanced software delivers high degree of accuracy: – actual operating slip is calculated from measured data other services calculate slip from nameplate information – analysis is customized to motor, other services take ‘one size fits all’ approach – load is automatically normalized, other solutions fail to take loading into account...

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ABB MACHsense-R Continuous, remote monitoring with instant alarms and expert follow-up ABB MACHsense-R is a remote condition monitoring solution for motors and generators. It continuously checks the status of key parameters while the motor or generator is running and sends an alarm to the user if it detects a problem. How it works ABB MACHsense-R is installed by an ABB engineer, who fits sensors to the motor or generator. The sensors feed raw vibration and temperature signals to a compact Data Analysis Unit (DAU), which is mounted on the motor or generator, or close by. Detailed reports and...

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motors and generators are constantly monitored while they are running multi-channel operation and fast data collection rates increase sensitivity and accuracy on-board data processing within DAU reduces volume of data transmitted to server for lower communication costs – communication can use mobile phone network or internet ABB’s dedicated software customizes analysis to motor or generator design for higher precision model based analysis reliably identifies defects and their severity false alarms are avoided by monitoring KCPs rather than overall values customers can receive regular...

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ABB LEAP A reliable solution for estimating stator winding lifetime ABB LEAP (ABB Life Expectancy Analysis Program) is used to assess the expected lifetime of the stator winding insulation in motors and generators. How it works Testing with ABB LEAP can be done during a normal maintenance break, so it can be easily fitted into plant routines. In many cases only a single set of tests is needed to produce results – a big advantage over other methods that require a whole series of surveys to provide meaningful output. Following the tests we supply you with a full report, including details of...

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optimizes maintenance planning shifts the focus from time-based to condition-based maintenance supports efforts to extend motor and generator lifetimes, and therefore increases return on investment provides a sound basis for decision making (maintenance planning and run / replace) minimizes unplanned downtime, reduces risk levels provides input for life cycle cost estimations can be directly integrated into a maintenance plan optimizes cost of ownership Condition monitoring solutions | Motors and Generators | ABB 9

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Life cycle services and support From pre-purchase to migration and upgrades ABB offers a complete portfolio of services to ensure trouble-free operation and long product lifetimes. These services cover the entire life cycle, from pre purchase advice, through installation, maintenance and spare parts, to migration and upgrades. Local support is provided through a global network of ABB service centers and certified partners. Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis ABB’s unique services deliver early warnings of developing problems before failures occur. The required data can be collected by an...

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Total offer of motors, generators and mechanical power transmission products with a complete portfolio of services ABB is the leading manufacturer of low, medium and high voltage motors and generators, mechanical power transmission products with an offering of a complete portfolio of services. Our in-depth knowledge of virtually every type of industrial processing ensures we always specify the best solution for your needs. Low and high voltage IEC induction motors ■ ■ Process performance motors ■ ■ General performance motors ■ ■ High voltage cast iron motors ■ ■ Induction modular motors ■ ■...

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