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ABB Marine brochure

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Cruise & Ferries: A Global Technology Partner to the Marine Industry Through innovative solutions, high competence and true global capability, ABB Marine contributes to high-performance vessels and more profitable operations.

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The Electric Power and Propulsion Frontrunner manufacturer of electric power a global maritime organization, providing reliable, safe and environmentally friendly solutions and qualified services to reduce operational costs and ensure optimum vessel lifecycle Equipped with 1x13 MW Azipod® propulsion, MS Norilskiy Nickel is a double-acting Arctic Container Vessel for year-round operation In both open waters and heavy Ice conditions. Customer focus For ABB, customer satisfaction and loyalty are the true measure of quality. For decades we have worked closely with our customers - shipyards,...

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A Worldwide Maritime Organization of ABB"s core markets and ABB Marine is a partner with powerful resources - human, Signing a contract with ABB partner who can take full project phases - from concept operational support. tools and model tests are Strategically located and organized With strong local presence in all strategically important shipping and ship building areas, ABB Marine works closely with our customers on a global scale. Organized and coordinated by two Centers of Excellence - CoE Cruise & Ferries and CoE Oil & Gas Related Vessels - ABB Marine is structured to meet the needs...

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Marine's system solutions is broad maritime engineering expertise combined with ABB's world-leading product platform within electric power, drives and automation technology. of systems for the world fleet Project Services: Conceptual design, project management, engineering, fabrication, installation,and commissioning Customer Support: Preventive maintenance, planned repair and dry docking, on-call services, system commissioning, spare parts, modernization, training A complete range of AC electric propulsion and thruster systems: • Conventional shaftline • Podded propulsion systems • Medium...

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Electric Propulsion Since delivery of the world's first AC propulsion system over 400 vessels and floating structures with variable speed electric propulsion systems. This is equivalent to a total rated power of The preferred choice for an increasing number of vessels types ABB is the world leader in electric propulsion and offers a full range of systems - from variable speed electric machinery for shaftline propulsion and mechanical thusters to a unique family of podded propulsion systems. Through our worldwide operations, we obtain first-hand knowledge of user requirements, and our...

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Azipod® Propulsion Cruising Ahead of Competition Azipod® was the world's first azimuthing podded propulsion system. Today, Azipod® is the market leader in podded Azipod® units in operation Each Azipod® propulsion system is individually designed maximum ship performance. A unique propulsion concept Azipod® is a podded propulsion system. azimuthing through 360°. It incorporates an electric motor mounted directly on a short propeller shaft. The motor drives a fixed-pitch propeller. The electric motor is controlled by a frequency converter which, provided there is load, can produce full nominal...

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contra-rotating propulsion solution designed for high- power and/or high-speed vessels. Enhancing propulsion system will have a big impact on vessel construction for ship types such as RoPax, ULCV, The latest application to take advantage of ABB's Azipod® technology is CRP Azipod® (Contra-Rotating Propulsion). Contra-Rotating Propulsion means that there are two propellers on the same line rotating in different directions. In this application, an Azipod® is installed in place of a normal rudder, aligned down- stream of the main propeller. The Azipod® propeller utilizes the remaining energy...

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Power Generation and Distribution ABB Marine offers complete electric power systems for all types of vessels. We have delivered electric power systems to ships since 1927 Proven reliability In tempo with the steadily increasing multi-purpose utilization of electricity onboard, ABB has been at the forefront, developing solutions that meet new requirements for energy efficiency, control and safety. We offer a complete range of medium and low voltage power products and systems that fulfill the requirements for marine installations and guarantee high system functionality and integrity,...

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Onboard Drive Systems producer of electric motors and variable speed drive systems. We have decades of ABB will find the most optimal drive systems and drive products and systems marine applications. Leading edge drive technology Speed-controlled drives are used to reduce operating costs from fuel consumption, mechanical stress on the load, mechanical wear and tear, and to obtain high integrity of the electric power generation and distribution systems. ABB started research into AC drives technology in the 1960's and industrial production began in the 1970's. This pioneering spirit has made...

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Total Solutions cuts costs and improves overall standards expertise to provide reliable electric system deliveries. With vast experience, we offer vessel specific solutions designed to fulfill the unique each individual customer. Better overall performance The high demands made on vessel performance and overall reliability and safety have resulted in increased focus on the total vessel concept and the interaction between the equipment and systems installed. Several advantages are gained through a solution that encompasses the complete power plant, propulsion and control systems in its...

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Marine Services With each delivery, ABB customers gain a qualified Marine Services partner who can ensure optimal system sive support worldwide. Our specialized Marine Services address the needs of each individual vessel and customer - assuring high performance life of your vessel. ABB Marine service engineers Marine Academy, ensuring product skills for your onboard service requirements. A world-class service organization To meet higher standards and enhance vessel performance, today's equipment is becoming more complex and sophisticated. Upholding the integrity of the equipment requires...

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