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Service note ABB MACHsense-P for monitoring the condition of motors ABB MACHsense-P was developed to address the reliability of motors, where problems related to the bearings, rotors and other mechanical components account for major percentage of total failures. POWER SUPPLY CAGE ROTOR ANTI-FRICTION BEARING INSTALLATION Alignment, soft foot, air gap ABB MACHsense-P is a walk around condition monitoring service provided by ABB which specifically focuses on electric motors. ABB MACHsense-P provides a reliable, early warning system of impending or initiating defects, allowing more time and greater opportunity for efficient maintenance planning while other on-line, off-line, or walk-around type monitoring fault detection systems only give a reliable warning when failure is imminent. ABB MACHsense-P deploys a custom developed data-collector along with unique analysis tools based on intensive studies carried out in our corporate research centres. It detects, monitors and diagnoses electromagnetic and mechanical problems in cage induction motors. The condition of the motor is monitored using defect indices derived from a combination of electrical and vibration measurements. ABB MACHsense methodology Data is collected by specialized service engineer. A summary report of the status of the motor is available on site. Detailed reports are soon delivered thereafter. The reports show the interpretation the test results and an analysis and include defect identification, severity, possible causes and effects on the rotor condition, the condition of the anti-friction bearings, the power supply and the assembly and installation of the motor. ABB MACHsense–P uses a model based analysis approach and advanced signal processing to facilitate early detection of defects using increased identification sensitivity and better severity quantification. Defect severity is described by indices derived from vibration and electrical measurements. In addition the motor design and construction aspects are also accounted for in order to arrive at fault criticality values specific to each type of motor. A combined current, vibrations and torque analysis helps reduce false positives and negatives.

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When the motor is operating at nominal load Measurements What Vibration, voltage, current, Cage rotor package temperature (winding, cooler and ambient) and speed Operation history, mainte- nance and failure records is operating at nominal load and with multiple loads and/or start-up rent, temperature (winding, cooler and ambient) and speed Root cause analysis maintenance and failures records  Benefits − Integrated analysis and reporting − Current, voltage and vibration in one analysis and reporting system − Quick maintenance oriented reports − Automated analysis and summary report delivered...

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