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Offshore Drilling Vessels Total electrical systems for safe, efficient and environmental drilling operations

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A trusted technology partner serving the offshore drilling market for over 35 years 2 Offshore Drilling Vessels Modern offshore drilling operations are performed at depths once thought to be insurmountable and at locations once thought to be inaccessible. To meet these challenges, much of the world's deepwater drilling fleet relies on electrical power and drives solutions from ABB. h 1974, ABB delivered the first electrical power solution to an offshore drilling rig. Since then, ABB has supplied electrical system solutions to approximately 125 offshore drilling rigs and drill ships. We have...

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New generation deepwater drilling vessels with total ABB electrical solutions Dhirubhai Deepwater KG1 was delivered to Transocean in 2009 from Samsung Heavy Industries. This advanced deepwater drill ship is equipped with Power Generation and Distribution Systems, Thruster Drive Systems and Drilling Drive Systems from ABB. For decades, ABB has been the technology innovator within electrical power technology for the offshore drilling market... 4 Offshore Drilling Vessels West Sirius West Sirius was delivered to Seadrill in 2008 from Jurong Shipyard. This 6th generation semi-submersible...

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Total electric power and drive solutions A core strategy of simplicity For drilling vessels, ABB delivers total electric solutions designed for maximum reliability and performance. We keep it simple by adapting industry-standard ABB products and systems rather than engineering complex special solutions. Total solutions, total responsibility ABB's scope of supply to the offshore drilling market ncludes the following systems: - Electric power generation and distribution systems - Drilling drives and drilling drives control - low voltage - Thruster drives with control systems - medium and low...

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Three main systems The Power Generation and Distribution System, the Thruster Drive System and the Drilling Drive System Typical 4-split power system for DP semi-sub drilling rig The total electric solution vessel consists of three main systems; the Power Generation Thruster Drive System and the Drilling Drive System. Electric Power Generation and Distribution System New DP-based drilling vessels typically have a total electric power requirement In the range of 40 to 50 MW. For the production of electric power, DP2, DP2 + , DP3 and Posmoor notation drilling vessels utilize 6 to 8 generator...

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Semi-submersible drilling rigs, drill ships and jack-up rigs platform, our drilling vessel meet the specific rig design demands of each customer. ABB has delivered electrical system solutions to all types of drilling vessels and is the market leader in suppling systems and solutions for DP drilling vessels. With the competence we have gained from these deliveries, we do not need to "reinvent the wheel" with each new project, but rather reuse solutions provided to previous successfu jobs and tailor them to the individual requirements of new By reusing proven solutions from past projects, we...

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Solutions based on standard, well-proven products All main products in our drilling vessel solutions are produced in-house, which enables us to control and secure complete deliveries and simplifies life- time maintenance and service. ABB's product platform for marine and offshore applications are characterized by light weight and small footprint, low noise and vibration, and high efficiency. Straightforward construction gives high reliability with less maintenance. Certification by leading classification societies ensures compliance with all major International standards. Generators and...

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Single-point responsibility For the life of the drilling vessel From the early design phase and throughout the life of the rig, ABB works closely with our customers to contribute to efficient vessel design, construction and operations. Drilling rig projects are complex, requiring a high level of cooperation and communication between the owner, yard, designers and main equipment and system suppliers. To streamline this cumbersome process, ABB takes the overal responsibility for the complete electrical system solution and serves as a single point of contact for all aspects of project...

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