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A170-M and A175-M

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A170-M and A175-M Axial turbochargers for the largest medium-speed engines in the world ABB Turbocharging has now added turbochargers with axial turbines to its A100-M range for medium-speed engines. The new A170-M and A175-M turbochargers target the highest powered medium-speed engines available, ranging from power outputs of 6000 kW to 11,000 kW per turbocharger. The axial turbine configuration of the A170-M and A175-M ensures high turbocharger performance from units with compact dimensional envelopes, minimizing space requirements on the turbocharger bracket. A100-M series A100-M turbochargers for medium-speed engines are designed specifically to meet market demand for the highest compressor pressure ratios with single stage turbocharging. Hence, like all A100 turbochargers for medium- and high-speed engines, the A170-M and A175-M are capable of producing market leading pressure ratios of up to 5.8 at market leading turbocharging efficiencies. Key technology enabler These high compressor pressure ratios are key enablers of high engine power density also in combination with the introduction of Miller Cycle. This technology allows the reduction of nitrogen oxides while maintaining, or even improving, the trade-off between NO x emissions and specific fuel consumption (SFC). Design concept A100 axial turbochargers are of modular concept with a minimized number of components and designed to allow ready matching to the special requirements of each diesel or gas engine application. A range of specific design and construction features such as materials and highly effective cleaning systems enables the A100-M turbochargers to be used on medium-speed engines operating on heavy fuel oils (HFO) without restrictions. Original Parts and Original Service A100 turbochargers feature long maintenance and overhaul intervals and are specifically designed for ease of maintenance, repair and overhaul. The necessary service know-how and logistics support for the new turbochargers is ensured by a network of more than 100 ABB Turbocharging Service Stations in over 50 countries around the world. Users of advanced diesel and gas engines employing ABB’s A100 turbochargers can thus rely on high standard ABB Turbocharging Original Service using ABB Turbocharging Original Parts wherever their assets are located around the globe.

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