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Product information A100-M / H radial Currently the last word in single stage turbocharging

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ABB Turbocharging’s A100 turbocharger series High pressure ratios at high efficiencies, A100 turbochargers are a key factor in the success of modern diesel and gas engines, enabling both fuel savings and reduced emissions. The A100-M and A100-H series of turbochargers for mediumand high-speed engines are designed specifically to meet market demand for highest compressor pressure ratios with single stage turbocharging. Growing demand for energy, rising fuel costs and stricter emissions legislation are a significant influence on engine development in the marine and power generation segments....

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From TPS to A100-M / H turbochargers Ten years after their introduction, more than 55,000 TPS series turbochargers are successfully operating on mediumspeed diesel and high-speed diesel and gas engines rated from 500 kW to 3300 kW per turbocharger. While these turbochargers continue to be the preferred choice for engine series rated at current power levels, market demand for ever-higher engine power densities and higher efficiencies, as well as the need to curb engine emissions, call for new engine concepts and a new generation of turbochargers. It is for these advanced engines that ABB has...

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High performance by design Compressor cooling and containment ensure high power, high efficiency and low emissions at maximum safety. Aluminum compressor wheels as standard For the A100 radial turbocharger series, ABB Turbocharging has developed a cooling technology that allows the continuing use of aluminum for the compressor wheels, even at such very high pressure ratios. And without compromising the high operational reliability and long component exchange intervals users have come to expect with this material. In an extensive test program cooling using compressor air was shown to be the...

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Thermodynamic performance Three entirely new compressor stages, each with different compressor wheel vane designs, allow a wide compressor volume flow range, covering the full spectrum of TPS-F turbochargers but at significantly higher pressure ratios. 6.0 5.5 5.0 Compressor pressure ratio The A100 turbocharger features a single-piece aluminum compressor wheel. New high pressure diffusers and compressor vane geometry were developed in addition to adding compressor wheel cooling to ensure full load pressure ratios of up to 5.8 using aluminum wheels. The wide and modular range of compressor...

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Qualified products with qualified service Turbine, compressor and service efficiency mean long-term customer benefits. A milestone in turbocharger development A wide range of available compressor and turbine specifications makes the A100 ideally suited for applications on engines in the marine, industrial and power generation fields as well as for rail traction and mobile equipment drives. The outstanding thermo-dynamic potential of the A100 becomes clear in the case of a full load-optimized turbocharger specification. A comparison with TPS turbocharger efficiency levels clearly illustrates...

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Global service The necessary service know-how and logistics support for the new turbochargers is ensured by a network of more than 100 ABB Turbocharging Service Stations in over 50 countries around the world. Users of advanced diesel and gas engines employing ABB Turbocharging’s A100 turbochargers can thus rely on ABB Turbocharging Original Service using ABB Turbocharging Original Parts wherever their assets are located around the globe. Past – present – future During the introduction phase of the A100, engine test rig trials were carried out to verify thermodynamic performance. The high...

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