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A100-L /A200-L

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Product information High efficiency turbochargers for two-stroke diesel engines

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Advanced turbocharging for two-strokes High performance single-stage turbochargers ABB Turbocharging’s A100-L and A200-L series of advanced single-stage turbochargers are designed to give operators of low-speed two-stroke marine engines market leading levels of performance, emissions compliance, application flexibility, total cost of ownership (TCO) and operational safety. Performance With their high efficiencies, high pressure ratios and exceptionally wide compressor maps, turbochargers of the A100-L and A200-L series enable: – Compliance with IMO Tier III limits on NOx emissions. – Market...

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Setting global standards High pressure ratios and high efficiency ensure high performance, high fuel efficiency and low emissions. To achieve its exacting product objectives, ABB Turbocharging’s A100-L and A200-L series single-stage turbochargers employ turbines and compressors with advanced designs that set new performance standards. High efficiency Validating its advanced design, during its final development stages an A190-L turbocharger for low-speed two-stroke engines set a new turbocharger efficiency record of well over 75 percent. High pressure ratios Significantly, the new efficiency...

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Performance adaptability made easy Widest compressor maps offer range of options. The fast track to “slow steaming” A solution often favored by ship owners in times of economic downturn is “slow steaming”, i. e. reducing a vessel’s speed in order to save fuel. Marine propulsion engines, however, are set up to run at a specified cruising speed. Thus, while reducing the output of an engine optimized for higher power will save fuel, even more can be saved by re-optimizing the engine. ABB Turbocharging offers optional equipment designed to make re-optimization easier. The performance...

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A comprehensive range of versatile turbochargers Flexibility from the smallest to the largest. A100-L and A200-L turbochargers all feature axial turbines and are offered for the full spectrum of low-speed two-stroke engines. The smallest model addresses the market from 30 cm bore engines while the largest targets multiple turbocharger systems on engines with bores up to 95 cm. Flexible and adaptable Wide compressor maps and advanced turbines ensure application flexibility and adaptability to market conditions. The economic conditions under which engines operate change continually. Fuel...

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Noise reduction New feature for a quieter engine room. Noise radiation is traditionally kept within reasonable limits by insulating those parts that contribute most to the noise. This measure, however, is not only costly but also limited in its effectiveness. ABB has risen to the challenge and developed, as an option, the air outlet silencer. The silencer is integrated in the compressor casing for very effective noise reduction close to the source (see graph; measurements taken on board a ship with insulation left unchanged), allowing a possible saving in first costs for air receiver...

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Ease of maintenance and overhaul Good design and inherent simplicity of the A100-L and A200-L promotes uninterrupted availability, low cost of ownership. Based on their essentially uncomplicated design, A100-L and A200-L turbochargers have already proven their reliability on low-speed two-stroke engines burning heavy fuel oil (HFO). They are inherently maintenance-friendly, both in terms of their method of construction and their times between maintenance and overhaul. Due to their positive effect on engine combustion temperatures, A100-L turbochargers promote lower thermal loading of...

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Technical data Compact size, wider range. Volume flow Exceptional compactness with A200-L The A200-L comes with an advanced compressor stage that enables 30 percent more volume flow, providing a most favorable power-to-weight ratio. Customers can enjoy up to 25 percent savings in spare parts. Optional equipment A100-L and A200-L options comprise: – Turbocharger cut-out for dual rating applications, etc. – Power turbine version for enhanced engine efficiency with stand-alone generator or with steam turbine for recovery of both kinetic and thermal energy. – Air outlet silencer to further...

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