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2013 ? Product catalog ? Kabeldon low voltage switchgear system

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Kabeldon low voltage switchgear system

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Switching Devices Pre-mounted distribution boards Technical data Designations in alphabetical order We reserve the right to alter design and range of our products without prior notice | ABB Catalog | Kabeldon low voltage switchgear system |

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1/1 | Kabeldon low voltage switchgear system | Introduction

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Rugged, corrosion-resistant enclosures 1/6 Distribution boards for various applications 1/8 Planning and design program, Connect IT 1/.19. Manufacturing, surface treatment and assembling 1/13 Introduction I Kabeldon low voltage switchgear system I 1/2

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Our factory is situated in Alingsås, Sweden. The production is automated and meets stringent quality and environmental requirements. We work to create safe electrical distribution via cable networks. To achieve this we develop, manufacture and market a broad range of cable accessories, switching devices and enclosures. Our main groups of customers are power supply companies, network companies, industrial companies and OEMs. Our primary areas of expertise are electrical connections in cable systems and control of electrical field. Our own testing plant is an important aid to product...

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Introduction Fundamental technologies We work on the basis of four fundamental technologies within which we have accumulated substantial expertise over many years. 1. Electrical connections The safe and secure transfer of electric current between cable conductors, or between a cable conductor and a device, requires an electrical connection of good quality. We test and develop various methods, but in most cases we use bolt technology, that gives us the possibility of offering complete solutions in line with our philosophy of easy and safe installation. 2. Controlling electrical fields At...

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Introduction Kabeldon IP-system Kabeldon IP-system consists of a unique, screen-protected busbar system which is combined with a broad range of switching devices and connectors. Features of the Kabeldon IP-system are its simplicity and reliability. These are the most important factors when you want to achieve low operating costs and high delivery reliability in a distribution system. Features – busbar system − Busbars of continuously extruded aluminium sections, insulated with a layer of polyamid. − The busbar has a screen-protected contact slot. This ensures safety regardless of where on...

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Introduction Rugged, corrosion-resistant enclosures Since the 1920s, we have been manufacturing cable distribution cabinets. The latest generation of enclosures was developed based on our long experience of systems for demanding environments. At the same time, they satisfy current requirements for long life with undiminished safety and low operating and maintenance costs. In Scandinavia, where snow is commonly cleared with snowplows and where the temperature in winter can drop to –25°C or lower, stability and surface treatment must be of the highest class. In addition, good ventilation is...

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Introduction Surface treatment Enclosure series CDC and SDC are made of sheet steel and are protected against corrosion by hot-dip galvanizing according to ISO 1461. For parts that are buried in the ground, the corrosion protection has been reinforced with a polymer coating. To make sure that the polymer coat adheres to the hot-dip galvanized surface, it has undergone zinc/manganese phosphating. The above treatment gives excellent protection against corrosion, so that the life of the enclosures is very long in the most commonly occurring environments for outdoor enclosures. Six protective...

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Introduction Distribution boards for various applications Kabeldon low voltage distribution systems feature small dimensions, flexibility, safety, reliability and a clear layout. To ensure high quality, the enclosure is assembled at the factory. The enclosure is then fitted with the required devices. It is a simple matter to wire up the distribution board and put it into service. In indoor electrical rooms, the busbar system can also be mounted on the wall. However, we recommend an enclosed distribution board located outside, both for safety reasons and for saving valuable indoor space. The...

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Introduction Planning and design program, Connect IT Front panel sketch of complete cabinet created in Connect IT. Connect IT planning software Connect IT is a Windows®-based planning program for cable distribution cabinets, service distribution boards and other applications based on the range of switching devices, busbar system and enclosures. Connect IT makes it easy to design an electrical distribution board and to obtain details of its components as follows: − − − − Enclosures with accessories Busbar system Switching devices and connection Own hardware added, e.g. fuses Connect IT...

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Enclosures for various fields of application. Cable distribution cabinets with switching devices and busbar systems. Introduction | Kabeldon low voltage switchgear system |

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Reference pictures Application areas Cable distribution cabinet at the construction of the new arena “Friends” Cable distribution cabinet at railway station, Skövde. Cable distribution cabinet, Alingsås, Sweden. Metered public lighting pillar, Gothenburg. Enclosure with upper section CDCM used as metering cabinet, Latvia. Cable distribution board for illuminated advertising signs. 1/11 | Kabeldon low voltage switchgear system | Introduction

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Reference pictures Application areas Cable distribution boards at Hedens bandy rink, Gothenburg, Sweden. Distribution board in powder coated enclosure mounted on the wall in a switchgear room at a bakery, in Gothenburg, Sweden. Cable distribution board, Malmgård, Finland. Kabeldon switching devices SLDL, Sweden, especially designed for CSS. Kabeldon switching devices in a CSS, Latvia. Examples of using Kabeldon products on the wall in low voltage switchgear, Sweden. Introduction | Kabeldon low voltage switchgear system |

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