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MSP Seam Sealer 08369 • 08370 Technical Data Sheet Product Description 3M™ MSP Seam Sealer is a premium one-part moisture-curing automotive seam sealer designed for application to exterior and interior body seams. 3M™ MSP Seam Sealer may be applied to properly prepared primer/paint coated surfaces or properly prepared bare metal surfaces. 3M™ MSP Seam Sealer also functions as a weld through sealer when used in conjunction with squeeze type resistance spot welding (STRSW) operations. 3M™ MSP Seam Sealer may be painted with common automotive type paint systems (water and solvent borne systems) in thirty minutes and up to twenty four hours later (scuff after 24 hours). Flexible 310 mL Package Moisture Cure Technology Weld Through Capability Direct to Metal Application Typical Physical Properties Note: The following technical information and data should be considered representative or typical only and should not be used for specification purposes. Container Base Density Color Flash Point Viscosity 310 ml Flexpak Modified Silane Polymer 11.9 lbs/gal. White (08369), Gray (08370) 144°F (62°C) 1,000,000,000 cps Service Temperature Solvent

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3M™ MSP Seam Sealer 08369 • 08370 Product Uses General sealing of interior and exterior automotive seams including floor pans, hem flanges, frame rails, rear body panels, aprons and other seams including those requiring weld through applications using squeeze type resistance spot welding. Use with the following accessories: • 3M™ Manual Flexible package Applicator (PN 08398) • 3M™ Air Operated Flexible Package Applicator (PN 08399) • 3M™ Flexible Pack Nozzle (PN 08188) • 3M™ OEM Seam Sealer Tip Adapter Nozzle (PN 08206) For professional use only. Not intended for retail sale. Performance...

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3M™ MSP Seam Sealer 08369 • 08370 Directions for Use (continued) Next 1. Clean the surface with a VOC compliant surface cleaner to remove any contaminates. 2. Grind any weld nuggets (grade 50 to 80) or scuff spot weld locations using a non woven coarse grade surface conditioning disc or belt. 3. Blow off and re-clean the surface to ensure proper adhesion. 4. Install foil package into barrel of 3M™ Flexible Package Applicator Gun, P.N. 08398. 5. Using a scissors, cut a small opening across the top end of package and fold back flaps. 6. Place nozzle over the opened end onto the gun barrel. 7....

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3M™ MSP Seam Sealer 08369 • 08370 Precautionary Information Before using this product, please reference Product Label and/or Safety Data Sheet for Health and Safety Information. Note: Laws controlling the acceptable amounts of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) vary by state, and in some cases by locality. For surface preparation and clean-up activities, consult federal, state and local regulations regarding use of products containing VOCs in your area. Technical Information The technical information, recommendations and other statements contained in this document are based upon tests or...

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