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Dynamic Mixing System 3M’s revolutionary auto body repair breakthrough. Advanced mixing nozzle automatically mixes as-you-go, eliminating pinholes in the final finish. Grab-and-go applicator dispenses filler-on-demand. Easy-on/easy-off cartridges for finishing jobs faster. A better system for an ultimately better finish, better productivity – and better profitability. Part Number 3M™ Dynamic Mixing Gun - Pneumatic 3M Dynamic Mixing Nozzle 3M Dent Filling Compound - 95 3M Reinforced Short Strand 3M™ Marine Premium Filler 3M Marine High Strength Repair Filler Premium Body Fillers 3M premium...

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Reinforced Fillers 3M’s line of reinforced filler products offers users a unique and flexible array of repair solutions. Each product is reinforced with short fiberglass strands, long fiberglass strands or milled fiberglass. These reinforced fillers are significantly stronger than regular fillers and are waterproof. Great for repairing fiberglass and rust holes in metal. Part Number Name Size Strands Qty/Case 00644 Dynatron™ Ultra-Glass Reinforced Filler - Milled Fiberglass Gallon Milled 4 00464 Dynatron™ Dyna-Glass Reinforced Filler - Short...

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Accessories Cont’d Spreaders & Filler Scoop A special, flexible spreading edge makes precise application of body fillers, putties and glazes a breeze. Cured body filler will easily pop off the spreader, allowing it to be reused. Use the Bondo Filler Scoop to easily remove filler or putty out of the can and off hard-to-reach container rims. Part Number Name Color Size Qty/Case Mixing Boards Clean, wax-free surface for mixing body filler. Cured body filler can be easily removed, allowing repeat uses or use the disposable paper board that offers a non-porous, wax-free surface and easy...

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