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3M Body Fillers, Glazes & Accessories TM formula that achieves extreme adhesion to galvanized steel, aluminum, E-Coat, fiberglass, SMC, cured epoxy, and urethane primers. Part # 3 Gallon Mechanical Pail Performance lightweight polyester body filler. Specially formulated to enhance adhesion to difficult surfaces such as galvanized steel, aluminum, and E-Coat. proprietary adhesion promoter. 3M Platinum Plus is a super creamy TM BEST PREFORMING Manufactured with only the highest quality ingredients, including our TM A lightweight polyester body filler which cures to a tack-free state in 15 to 20 minutes. This filler has a creamy texture, spreads smoothly, offers easy sanding, and is vacuum processed to minimize pinholes. 3M Platinum Plus Filler Creme hardening agent designed to be used with 3M or Dynatron Body TM 5 Gallon Mechanical Pail 3M Platinum Plus Glaze 3M Advanced Finishing Glaze Dynatron Dynalite Filler Achieves extreme adhesion to galvanized steel, aluminum, E-Coat, Two component, self-leveling putty designed for use as a skin coat Professional’s choice for lightweight body filler. This is product 3M Disposable Paper Mixing Board fiberglass, SMC, cured epoxy, and urethane primers. 3M Platinum over body filler to fill pinholes, sand scratches, low areas and other produced with the highest quality resins, talc and micro-spheres Offers a clean surface for mixing body filler and glaze. Plus cuts the sanding time to as little as 15 minutes. creating an automotive body filler that is faster and easier to work with. Designed for spreading body fillers, fiberglass resins and finishing putties. The spreaders have sharp edges, are flexible, durable, easy to 3M Flowable Finishing Glaze Dynatron MUD Lite Filler A stain-free, tack-free, super premium lightweight filler that offers Two component flowable polyester material designed for the filling of Formulated to be one of the easiest sanding fillers in it’s class. the industry’s best adhesion to steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, pinholes, minor dents, gouges, scratches, and stone chips in properly Thicker than most, MUD Lite provides excellent vertical hang, but prepared body filler, steel, aluminum, SMC, fiberglass and OEM paint. doesn’t drag when spreading. clean, and cured filler pops off easily. © 3M 2012. All rights reserved. 3M, Dynalite, Dynatron, Platinum and Xtra are trademarks of 3M Company. 60-4402-7762-6 3 Gallon Mechanical Pail 3M Dry Guide Coat Cartridge & Kit TM A method for identifying surface imperfections such as pinholes and deep scratches in primer. Requires no masking and there is no dry time involved. Can be used for both wet and dry sanding. Contains no solvents. Dynatron Xtra Glaze Dynatron Dyna-Glaze A stain-free, tack-free premium polyester glazing and finishing putty Especially formulated to adhere to steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, A stain-free, tack-free polyester finishing glaze with a creamy texture that offers the industry’s best adhesion to steel, galvanized steel, E-Coat and SMC, as well as OEM paint and primer. that makes it easy to spread and sand. Provides excellent flow out. 50 Gram Cartridge & Applicator Kit

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